1 06, 2023

Who Is Sister Mary Wilhelmina OSB?

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From Fr. David:  Mary Elizabeth Lancaster was born on the 13th of April 1924 in St. Louis, MO.  She entered Benedictine religious life as a teenager.   Later in life, Sr. Mary Wilhelmina founded the traditional congregation Queen of Apostles.  There, she died on 29 May 2019.  Four years later, on 18 May 2023, she was exhumed and found incorrupt.  (Incorrupt means minimal corruption to a deceased body, and this is normally seen as a sign of God affirming great sanctity in the life of the deceased.)  The following guest post is written by Mother of Wildlings, @ravenousreader. Who was Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster? Most Catholics know her as the “Incorrupt [...]

2 02, 2023

Early Martyrs Against Religious-Pluralism

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Most modernist Catholics have a sentimental devotion to the early martyrs. Perhaps in the eyes of modernist Catholics, the early martyrs seem like weak but ignorant victims at the hands of bygone Roman procurators.  Perhaps this is simply how things happened in a more cruel time of world history?  Yet, we must remember that St. Felicity had her execution delayed with St. Perpetua precisely because she was pregnant.  Even the Roman Empire would not kill an unborn baby, as they admitted this was shedding innocent blood.  So, which age is more cruel?  Ours or theirs? Another thing we may overlook today is that the pagan procurators of the Roman Empire [...]

29 11, 2022

St. James Intercisus, Martyr of Second Chances

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St. James Intercisus' martyrdom from Butler's lives of the saints, reprinted with permission of Sensus Fidelium.  St. James' feast day in the Roman Martyrology and the Eastern Rites is 27 Nov. St. James was a native of Beth-Lapeta, a royal city in Persia, and a nobleman of the first rank, and of the highest reputation in that kingdom for his birth and great qualifications, both natural and acquired, and for the extraordinary honors and marks of favor which the king conferred upon him, and which were his most dangerous temptation. For when his prince declared war against the Christian religion,† this courtier had not the courage to renounce his royal master and [...]

3 08, 2021

The Rage and the Victory

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On the topic of the "vaccine," notice that the left is not quoting their false-science anymore as much as their morality.  And their "morality" is now devolving into a diabolical rage and hatred against those who won't take their baby-injected jab: Yes, this is a real tweet I saw full of hatred for those who will not take the vaccine.  This is the rage that is coming. A traditional Catholic woman on Twitter who goes by Rae (who I suggest everyone follow) posted this: As of early August 2021, we are not yet at level 7.  But levels 1-6 are being fulfilled simultaneously against anyone who will not [...]

27 07, 2021

Staring Too Long Into the Abyss

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by Guest Writer “Man is a rope,” Zarathustra cries out to the crowd, “fastened between animal and Superman – a rope over an abyss.” -- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra “If you stare too long into the abyss, then it stares back at you.” -- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil I read a lot of Nietzsche in college. While it has been years since I last picked up one of his works, I’ve been reflecting on his image of the abyss lately, following several “red pill” moments in the world and the Church that left me questioning whether there is any institution left worth trusting, if there is any [...]

8 07, 2021

How Can I Close the House of God?—Fr. Ganni

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About four years ago, I said on the phone to my Navy SEAL friend (with whom I did this podcast and this podcast this year) that I feared the rise of militant Islam would persecute Christians in the West again.  What he said surprised me, namely that he feared more the rise of secularism in the West as a bigger threat to Catholics.  We'll come back to this suggestion halfway through this blog. On the 3rd of June 2007, Trinity Sunday after Pentecost, a 35 year-old Chaldean Catholic priest named Fr. Ragheed Ganni was shot and killed in his home country of Iraq by Muslims for not converting to Islam [...]

6 07, 2021

Discerning “The Great Reset” vs. “The Empire of Love”

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Michael Matt recently made the point that the Great Reset is not an attack on man as much as an attack on God.  As Mr. Matt mentioned here, "even Adolph Hitler paid lip-service to God."  Indeed, the architects of the Great Reset like Klaus Schwab want to direct all of humanity in place of God without mention of God. The Great Reset is not only a project of genocide, but also an attempted attack on God Himself. I believe the most common phrase in the entire Bible is "Be Not Afraid."  It is in the Bible over 365 times.  So, if Christ's message is:  "Be Not Afraid" then we must [...]

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