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Tax-Deductible checks can be made to:
Peregrino Hermitage Ltd.

PO Box 87

Watkins, CO 80137



Important notes:

  • You can donate one-time or recurring using Continue To Give. Just tap the above-link in green.
  • You can donate by check. See the above snail-mail address in orange.
  • You can donate using Zelle. My email is fathernix[@] The advantage of Zelle takes no “cut” from your donation like Continue to Give but it goes straight to me, not my charity.
  • I must raise my own salary. I get health insurance from my Archdiocese, but I am financially responsible for my own room and board as well as all ministry expenses which come from you for me to continue my online teaching and pro-life and street ministry as well as occasional sacramental travels. That is why I am extremely thankful for all donations you send.
  • Continue to Give generates automatic tax-deductible receipts. If you ever need more proof of your tax-deducible donations, the Federal Tax ID for this public charity is #83-4544433. You can also email me for receipts at fathernix[@]
  • I can travel to bring baptism, confession, and occasional High-Masses like weddings. If a person is truly in danger of death, I will travel to bring extreme-unction. I take NO MONEY for any sacrament, EVER.
  • I can offer one Mass for your intentions, but this will happen at a Mass with many other major-intentions. Partly because I have many Mass requests every day, I take no money for Mass intentions. Both donors and non-donors can send prayer-requests to me.
  • This goes for snail mail, too: Please do not send Mass-requests with checks. Since I don’t receive Mass stipends, I will unfortunately have to shred a check if it appears attached to a Mass-request.
  • Sorry, but as to low-Masses, I only offer Mass alone in my hermitage. I have invitations from small groups to bring low-Mass across the country, and even the world now. If I said “yes” to each one, I would have to abandon my life of prayer, teaching and pro-life street evangelization. I need to leave that sacramental life to the parish priests, at least until the TLM is fully “underground.” As it says above, I can travel to bring you or yours baptism, confession, occasional High-Mass (like weddings) and extreme unction (if a person is truly in danger of death within 100 miles of where I am.)
  • My email is fathernix[@] I can respond to your short-emails. I can skim your long-emails but I can not respond to them.

A few other notes…

  • I will continue praying Holy Mass and the Divine Office. I will be praying several hours a day for the restoration of the Catholic Church and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  • I am able to keep my site and channels ad-free and without “premium” or “patreon” subscriptions because of donors like you.
  • My blog gets about 1 million reads a year and my podcasts/channel have another 1 million listens a year, so this is reaching people, but I do it for free. Please be a part of this mission!
  • Having having heard thousands of confessions in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese on five continents, my monk-missionary life now takes a turn more for online evangelization in many languages, especially the new EIX series on my YouTube channel.
  • I hand out Miraculous Medals to strangers on the streets. I hope to be something of an urban “monk-missionary” as I now have a habit in which I will pray and walk.
  • My pro-life work continues most weeks in front of a large abortion center.
  • In a time when many Catholics are wary of CCHD-tied giving, all donations goes to room, board and ministry expenses as well as a salary of $2,000 a month to me (not-including Zelle donations.)
  • See Life section of this blog to follow life updates.

In Jesus and Mary,
Fr. David Nix