12 08, 2021

True Obedience vs. False Obedience

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As many of you know, I have blogged and podcasted on the following chart many times.  If you remember, I usually put the Magisterium as part of "Ecclesial Law" at level 2.  However, this was wrong.  I have recently been corrected and told that both Scripture and the Magisterium are considered to both constitute Divine Law at level 1 as now seen here: 1. Divine Law ➡️ Eternal Law Found in Scripture and Magisterium 2. Ecclesial Law ➡️ Mutable Rules Set by Rome 3. Particular Law ➡️ Mutable Rules Set by Local Ordinary (bishop) What is included in the Magisterium?   Not only does "the Magisterium" include ex-cathedra statements of [...]

22 07, 2021

Four Aspects of Modernism

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With the tension between Apostolic Catholics and modernist heretics reaching fever pitch this month, we have to return to the warning issued over 100 years ago by Pope St. Pius X on modernism, which he called "the synthesis of all heresies."  Yes, I know we all get tired of hearing the term "modernism is the synthesis of all heresies."  But we still have to stop and remind ourselves constantly that opposing modernism is not tantamount to opposing digital expressions of the Gospel or even opposing new "packaging" of the old-school Gospel in a digestible fashion to modern ears.  Rather, we must remember that modernism is opposing that which attempts to [...]

20 07, 2021

Rule for Thinking With the Church #13

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If we wish to proceed securely in all things, we must hold fast to the following principle: What seems to me white, I will believe black if the hierarchical Church so defines. For I must be convinced that in Christ Our Lord, the bridegroom, and in His spouse the Church, only one Spirit holds sway, which governs and rules for the salvation of souls. For it is by the same Spirit and Lord who gave the Ten Commandments that our holy Mother Church is ruled and governed.—St. Ignatius of Loyola, Spiritual Exercises, Rules for Thinking with the Church #13 St. Ignatius of Loyola is one of my favorite saints.  In [...]

29 06, 2021

How Humble Are Traditionalists?

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For I delivered unto you first of all, which I also received: how that Christ died for our sins, according to the scriptures: And that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day, according to the scriptures: And that He was seen by Cephas; and after that by the eleven.—1 Cor 15:3-5 DRB. The Apostle Paul is writing here that what he delivered over to the early Christians is exactly what he first received (tradidi enim vobis in primis quod et accepi.) And this tradition was not just "small-t tradition," but "Big-T Tradition."  In other words, St. Paul delivered over Divine Revelation to others just as it [...]

22 06, 2021

Religious Indifferentism is Arianism

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If Pope St. Pius X was correct that "modernism is the synthesis of all heresies" then wouldn't we see all heresies of the past fulfilled in it? Yes we would see that.  And yes we do see that If Jesus is merely the "privileged route to salvation," then all religions can be a vehicle to salvation.  However, this notion is no different from Arianism.  Here's why:  Jesus claims to be God.  Jesus claims to be the only way, truth and life.  If this is not true, then He is not God.  And this is Arianism.  Thus, religious indifferentism encapsulates a thousand heresies, including Arianism. Notice that belief in the Trinity is [...]

25 05, 2021

Two Thoughts On Pentecost

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https://youtu.be/Fo4Ge3FMrDM A couple possible objections to my Pentecost video... First, didn't Pope John XXIII's promise of a New Pentecost come true in the Eastern Hemisphere?  The New Pentecost seems to be a dud since "the numbers tanked," as I said in the video.  At this point, a fair counter to the above would be:  "Ah yes, Fr. David, the numbers of Catholics greatly dropped in North America and South America since Vatican II, but the numbers of Catholics in Africa and Asia increased.  Doesn't this prove the New Pentecost?"  I admit this is a very strong retort.  However, my retort to the retort is equally simple:  The good bishops of Africa and Asia [...]

29 04, 2021

Do We Need Catholic Labels in the 21st Century?

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I'm fully aware there were heated debates on matters of speculative theology between Franciscans and Dominicans in the Middle Ages on topics such as "Is the intellect or the will the is the primary faculty in the beatific vision? (I think the Franciscans said the will and the Dominicans said the intellect.) I'm also fully aware there were heated political factions in the 19th century between Catholics and that already there were debates in politics between "liberals" and "conservatives." But far and away, Catholics in the 13th century and Catholics in the 19th century (and every century in between) did not use nasty titles modern like "traditional Catholic" or "liberal [...]

11 02, 2021

Real Union Within the Catholic Church

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With all these accusations of "schismatic" and "conspiracy theorist" being hurled from normy Catholics to traditional Catholics, let's see what St. Thomas Aquinas has to say: “The sin of unbelief, which fundamentally severs a man from the unity of the Church, simply speaking, makes him to be utterly unfit for receiving this sacrament of the Eucharist because it is the sacrament of the Church's unity.”—St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica 3.80.5ad2 This means that sins against the Deposit of the Faith unchanged from Apostolic times is more what separates a Catholic from worthiness to receive the Eucharist than fighting for reform within the hierarchy.  (In fact, fighting for Church reform comes from [...]

1 01, 2021

The Sacrifice in the Octave of Christmas

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The introduction to the Missal of Pope Paul VI defines the Mass as a “sacred synaxis [meal] or assembly of the people of God met together under the presidency of the priest to celebrate the memorial of the Lord.”  Notice that in this definition, the term "sacrifice" is missing.   In fact, many TLM-writers before me have noticed that the Protestants who helped write the Mass of Pope Paul VI purposefully removed many references to "sacrifice" in the Propers, Prefaces and even the new "Eucharistic Prayers." Their new calendar is also missing references to blood and sacrifice.  In the old calendar, the feast of the Circumcision of Jesus was replaced [...]

5 07, 2020

Earthly Things Part 2: The Days of Lawlessness

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Many prayerful Catholics have been noticing that much of 2 Thessalonians 2 seems to be materializing over the past few years. In fact, it seems prophesies from the Old Testament are being fulfilled. One older friend of mine who is a covert from evangelical Protestant to Catholic believes the "abomination of desolation" (Dan 9:27 and Mt 24:15) was the placement of the Martin Luther statute into the Vatican in October of 2016 (nearly four years ago): Consider also how a priest friend of mine recently pointed out that 2 Thess 2:10 asserts that a group of people during a global "rebellion" will "refuse to love the truth and so be [...]

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