Second Sunday after Epiphany

Sunday Sermon Series (SSS) S1E6. This weekend's sermon links of the wedding feast of Cana to a favor given in the life of 19th century converted-Jew Hermann Cohen (later become Fr. Augustine-Mary of the Blessed Sacrament, Carmelite.) Transalpine Redemptorists: http://papastronsay.blogspot.com/2011/10/text-of-letter-prophesied-to-father.html?m=1

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The Four Lacunæ of the “New Evangelization”

The "old evangelization" is better than the "new evangelization" not because old things are better (which is generally true) or that human-nature is more fallen than it was in the 16th century (which is also probably true) but because of two other specific reasons: 1) The "old evangelization" goes back to Apostolic times where the ascetical life of union with Christ drove the exterior life of spreading the Catholic Faith (unlike the "new evangelization" that is reliant on people being relevant and "contagious.") 2) The old-evangelization worked, unlike the new evangelization.  Even promoters of the new evangelization admit that in the United States, for every convert coming in the front-door to the Catholic faith, we lose four or five Catholics through the back door. Crisis Magazine recently showed attendance at the TLM is growing, unlike... ...mainstream Catholicism where weekly attendance [...]

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The Bridge Given to St. Catherine of Siena

Some leftist "Catholics" now call traditional Catholics names like "Pelagians."  Pelagianism is the 4th century heresy that one could be saved by good works alone with no need for grace. It's very ironic that leftists call traditionalists "Pelagians" since we are always confessing our sins to obtain the grace of forgiveness. But the other reason it's ironic that leftists call traditionalists "Pelagian" is because nearly every lefty-Catholic is a Pelagian by virtue of their own theology.  Here's why:  Most lefty-Catholics believe that following one's own conscience is enough to be saved, even if you die a pagan or Jew or Muslim.  That is exactly the same definition as Pelagianism, but with a new twist, namely, that one can be saved by one's conscience, not by Jesus Christ. But this is why Pope St. Pius X said that modernism was "the [...]

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“He is to Be Accused by His Subjects.”—St. Isidore

I do not want this blog to turn my readers into "heresy hunters" since recognizing heresy is not enough to obtain eternal life. Also, there is so much heresy in current "Catholics" (both lay and clergy) that your "heresy hunting" would become an exhausting effort. But this blog is worth writing because there is an odd gnostic-myth floating around Catholic circles today that a heretic in the hierarchy can only be recognized by either a group of Cardinals or an obsolete battery of canonical trials. While it is true that the saints seem to delineate between "material heresy" (small points) and "manifest heresy" (obvious heresy) the latter is held by saints to be easily-identified by your average faithful lay-man or lay-woman living in sanctifying grace.  To believe secret wisdom on recognizing orthodoxy belongs to a shifty group of Cardinals is [...]

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Keep the Old Liturgical Books Safe

N.B:  I will be on silent retreat for a week.  Because I usually upload blogs, podcasts and videos a week ahead of time, my production schedule will normalize mid-January.  I hope to re-start myself (by God's grace) and also re-start my education series like VLX and the Sunday Sermon Series in a couple weeks.  I'm sorry for my absence on that, but one reason for the delay is that we had a medical emergency.  By your prayers, everything is good on that front, now.  Please pray for me on retreat. In Victories of the Martyrs as conglomerated by St. Alphonsus Liguori, we read about St. Philip, the bishop of Heraclea:   Philip, although unable to enter the church, was unwilling to abandon it altogether, and remained at the door with his people. Separating the good from the bad, he exhorted [...]

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How to Learn the Low Mass

Nota Bene: The beginning of January was going to be for silent retreat, but I'm visiting a family member in the hospital. So, either way, there will be few blogs or podcasts for a little while. Please pray for us. Many people think I'm some traditional liturgy expert, but as you probably heard me say on previous podcasts, I learned French and Spanish and Portuguese in seminary because I just wanted to be a good Novus Ordo missionary priest one day.  In other words, I got into the priesthood for the salvation of souls, not to make a stink on liturgy debates.  As I've written before, it was only a couple years after ordination I realized that even "conservative" dioceses in the USA would not let young priests follow even the post-V2 rules for the post-V2 Mass.  Then, I switched [...]

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Vaccinated Physician Writes About New ICU Patients in California

The following is a letter from a USC/Georgetown/Harvard educated physician (fully vaccinated herself) named Dr. Patricia Lee about new patient presentations at ICUs in California.  It first appeared on Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson's government page.   Emphasis in following letter is mine. From:  Dr. Patricia Lee MD on 28 Sept 2021 To: Dr. Tom Shimabukuro COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1600 Clifton Road, NE Corporate Square, Bldg 12 Atlanta, GA 30329 and Dr. Peter Marks Director, CBER Food & Drug Administration 10903 New Hampshire Avenue W071-3128 Silver Spring, MD 20993 Dear Dr. Marks and Dr. Shimabukuro,   As a physician, I am compelled by conscience to write this letter. I am fully vaccinated for Covid-19, but my experience this year treating patients ni a busy ICU does not comport with claims made by federal health [...]

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Christmas in the Mystical City of God

The 17th century Spanish Franciscan abbess, Venerable Mary of Jesus of Ágreda of Spain, received a private-revelation on the life of the Immaculate Virgin Mary that comes to a few thousand pages in a book called The Mystical City of God. The Mystical City of God was attacked by the Jansenists as inauthentic. Is it reliable? Besides the fact that Sr. Mary of Ágreda has been declared “Venerable” by the Catholic Church, her book has the approval of Popes Innocent XI, Alexander VIII, Clement IX, Benedict XIII, Benedict XIV and Clement XIV. By “approved” we mean anywhere from recognizing the authenticity of “Ciudad de Dios” as extant and written by the Venerable Servant of God, all the way up to the fact that Pope Benedict XIII used these private revelations as material for a series of sermons on the Blessed [...]

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Kamala Harris Links Griswold to Obergefell

https://rumble.com/embed/v1yf6zg/?pub=e5jg1 In the above 60-second clip (or here if you're on a mobile device) the unelected-squatter to the office of Vice-President, Kamala Harris says, "Let us think about today, December 13th, 2022, a day when—thanks to Democrats and Republicans—we finally protect marriage rights in federal law.  For millions of LGBTQI+ Americans and interracial couples, this is a victory, and it is part of a larger fight.  The Dobbs decision reminds us that fundamental rights are interconnected, including the right to marry who you love, the right to access contraception and the right to make decisions about your own body." The silly thing about Kamala's words is that "gay marriage" was already "legalized" under the Obama administration.  So, even if I was a leftist, I would laugh at how far behind the ball she is on this. But she did say [...]

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