Notice:  There will be few forthcoming blogs and podcasts and videos this Spring for three reasons:  1) I am assisting my mother in what seems to be her last days on earth.  2) I was locked out of my YouTube channel for thought-crimes against the left.  3) My pro-life trial from three years ago in New Jersey is delayed until April or May 2023… All of these things seem to have piled up in a way that is far outside my control at this point.

Most of the lies repeated about me online have something to do with this or this, both of which I disprove in the above links.  But there comes a point where you have to wonder if my enemies are lying about me not because they think I’m actually a bad person, but rather because they really hate my teaching.  Actually, it is not my teaching at all.  People are angry that I am teaching Apostolic Catholicism when nearly the entire hierarchy (including the Vatican) is ratifying their re-formed consciences in any mortal sin they want to commit, especially those of the 6th and 9th commandments.

Recently, I was attacked on Facebook by a purportedly-traditional woman for a blog I wrote about Attending Ex-Catholics’ “Weddings.”  One woman named Jeri decided to defend me.  Her words were very encouraging, but also very interesting: “What’s crazy is that he does site the magisterium on the list of ways we can commit a mortal sin. Has no one ever seen this list before? This list is not part of the Church of Dave. The fact that Fr. Dave Nix was the one pointing this out, does not make it any less true. Truth is truth, no matter who is speaking it. It’s literally NOT an opinion.”

I really like that:  I am not promoting the “Church of Dave.”  I am promoting the Magisterium.  As she said: “Truth is truth, no matter who is speaking it.”  But people are getting very desperate to attack me because I reflect their once-functioning consciences and the perennial teachings of all the Catholic saints, virgins, martyrs, old-school Popes and Desert Fathers.

Years ago, when I was last in parish ministry, I once said in an in-person meeting to my Archbishop investigating verbal-complaints against me:  “You know the old line It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it?”  I think he quietly grunted “Yes.”  I then said, “Well, for me, it really is what I say, because they way I say it is really nicely.”  In other words, my assertion to my Archbishop was this:  My enemies don’t actually think I’m mean.  They hate the fact that I am teaching Apostolic Catholicism, which they have already rejected.   It’s the content I was (and currently am) rejected for, not the medium.  (I’m not in parish-life much anymore, but I’m still a priest in good standing, as seen here.)

From Fr. Z blog. (Notice nobody wants to be celibate for liberalism.)

So, why have so many Catholics rejected the traditional Faith?  Partly because Vatican II was the excuse to change everything of faith, liturgy and discipline.  Partly because clergy the past fifty years have ratified their broken consciences due to that on sexual issues.  Partly because the current Vatican apparatus (especially the past decade) has nearly-extinguished all voices against traditional Catholicism.  But a few of us in the clergy who promote Apostolic Catholicism remain a reflection of that very pilot-light of conscience which very few have fully-extinguished.  And that is very annoying for lefty Catholics, especially since the truth of God’s law is written on everyone’s heart (cf. Rom 1.)

Honestly, I’m just a reminder that nobody (not even “you-know-who” in the Vatican) can change the law of God.  As my webmaster reminded me of a few times last year:  “One hundred years ago, you would have been the most boring priest in the world.” I have to agree with her:  There’s really nothing controversial (or exciting) about me applying the unchanging Deposit of the Faith and Divine Revelation to the situation in Church and State now in the year 2023.  But some people will continue to hate the message, using only the messenger as a pretext for their hatred.