30 05, 2024

Hope For America in the Heartland

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Riding my bike around Denver as a 12 year old boy, I got good at maps.  These were obviously the days before cell-phones and GPS, so I studied my maps as a hobby.  I studied city maps of Denver and Chicago, state maps of Colorado and the Eisenhower Interstate System.  I would look at globes for hours, memorizing countries all over the world.  For me, my map study was always about both location and meaning. The current return to tradition that Catholics are making across the globe is strong, especially places like France and the United States.   As I mentioned above, for people obsessed with geography like me, I [...]

14 05, 2024

“Catholics Shall Have No Weapons.”

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Featured image The Battle of Le Mans, p/c In the Vendee. Most of you know about the Resistance of the Vendée, a group of fervent Catholics who valiantly fought with weapons against the leaders of the French Revolution.  This is partly because the French Revolution was killing priests and nuns, as well as doing other unspeakable atrocities.  From a human point of view, the Vendée lost the war.  But traditional Catholics will always honor them as martyrs for the faith. Later, the French Revolution became the precursor to every communist revolution from Cuba to Cambodia.  As I have written before, I estimate that communism killed 14x the amount of people [...]

29 08, 2023

Who’s Your savior—The State or The Savior?

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One headline I saw last week read “Biden says new covid shots ‘that work’ may be on the way for all Americans.” This is probably funny to most of my readers but the notion that a new injection “that works” obviously implies the last shot did not work.  At all. Actually, it worked perfectly:  It reduced the world's population as Bill Gates promised it would.  And many of us lost a loved one who didn't listen to us. But why is a certain segment of leftists still blinded to this obvious truth? I think of when Nicodemus came to Jesus at night, trying to figure out the Truth (but still [...]

11 07, 2023

Demons and Celebrities

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For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.—Col 3:3 I don't like to give hell too much credit, but it's good to know the mind of the enemy. Salvation of souls is what I think of all day. What are the two main enemies of the salvation of souls? Sin (which often has nothing to do with demons, according to the Desert Fathers) and preternatural influence (which obviously has everything to do with demons.) I'm not an exorcist, so I really don't know how demons think. But since I know they are evil and smart (and maybe lazy) they probably see winning individuals through the [...]

30 05, 2023

Spiritual Warfare in the US Military

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From Fr. David Nix:  Robert Green was my parishioner when I was a parochial vicar at a traditional parish on the East Coast.  As the inside cover of his new book reads, Robert "has become one of the Navy's most vocal figures in the fight against the unlawful implementation of the military COVID-19 vaccine mandate.  Banned from his building and fired from his position leading a 650-person unit, he is the author of numerous impactful internal Navy complaints, multiple whistleblower reports to Congress, and a key source of evidence for ongoing Federal Court cases related to the military vaccine mandate."  Following Memorial Day, I believe this blog was best to [...]

16 03, 2023

Good Catholics Need to Tackle the Hard Topics More

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Here's seven reasons why we conservative and traditional Catholics must be more "political," not less, for "political" issues are more connected to evangelization than most people realize: 1. The Social Reign of Christ the King. Traditional Catholicism is built on the notion of no separation of Church and State. (Yes, you read that correctly.) That doesn't mean that we want a Catholic version of an Islamic Theocracy. Nor has the Catholic Church ever believe in forced-conversions (not even in the days of the Inquisition.) But just as nature abhors a vacuum, so do politics. Absent a group of leaders remaining under the Standard of Christ, we will be under the [...]

16 02, 2023

Joe Biden, Symbol of Caper-Catholicism

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I normally despise blogs that start with a definition, but I'm going to break my rule for a definition here.  A Caper is defined an activity or escapade, typically one that is illicit or ridiculous.  This is why the name of this blog is "Joe Biden, Symbol of Caper-Catholicism."  Biden's version of Catholicism is an escapade.  Biden's election was illicit.  His fake-Presidency is ridiculous, full of blunders, gaffs and senility.  But probably over 50% of US Catholic priests and bishops voted for this man in 2020—thinking it was the "Catholic" thing to do. Unelected-President Joe Biden has also been a fake-Catholic for a long time.  But again, most clergy probably [...]

10 02, 2023

Don’t Be Shocked the Dems’ FBI Hates Real Catholics

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p/c above by Daily Citizen.  The website UncoverDC (again, unlinked due to immodest ads) reported: The FBI’s Richmond Division would like to protect Virginians from the threat of “white supremacy,” which it believes has found a home within Catholics who prefer the Latin Mass. An intelligence analyst within the Richmond Field Office of the FBI released in a new finished intelligence product dated January 23, 2023, on Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (RMVE) and their interests in “Radical-Traditionalist Catholics” or RTCs. The document assesses with “high confidence” the FBI can mitigate the threat of Radical-Traditionalist Catholics by recruiting sources within the Catholic Church. Following the above news, there's a [...]

12 01, 2023

The Four Lacunæ of the “New Evangelization”

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The "old evangelization" is better than the "new evangelization" not because old things are better (which is generally true) or that human-nature is more fallen than it was in the 16th century (which is also probably true) but because of two other specific reasons: 1) The "old evangelization" goes back to Apostolic times where the ascetical life of union with Christ drove the exterior life of spreading the Catholic Faith (unlike the "new evangelization" that is reliant on people being relevant and "contagious.") 2) The old-evangelization worked, unlike the new evangelization.  Even promoters of the new evangelization admit that in the United States, for every convert coming in the front-door [...]

7 11, 2022

Réddite Quæ Sunt Dei Deo

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Sunday's TLM Gospel for the 22nd Sunday After Pentecost was just:  Then the Pharisees going, consulted among themselves how to insnare Him in His speech. And they sent to Him their disciples with the Herodians, saying: "Master, we know that Thou art a true speaker, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest Thou for any man: for Thou dost not regard the person of men. Tell us therefore what dost Thou think, is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not?" But Jesus knowing their wickedness, said: "Why do you tempt Me, ye hypocrites? Shew Me the coin of the tribute."  And they offered Him a [...]

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