The above map is found at my parents’ place.

Two days ago I sent out this Telegram alert:  “My mom appears to be in her final week on earth. This is going to be difficult for me to navigate with the pro-life trial on Friday in NJ. Please pray for my whole family, including extended family coming into town, but especially that my mom receive the graces God wants to give her at the end of her life.”

Today, I sent out this Telegram alert, explaining basically the exact opposite: “Sorry to have you join me on my emotional roller-coaster this week, but I PROMISE you I did not expect this to be my next Telegram to you after the last one above. Basically, both items changed: 1) Three friends and I finished the miraculous Novena to the Sacred Heart for my Mom’s health yesterday, and she took a turn for the better yesterday. She’s still not ambulatory, but she is not going to die this week. Thank you for your prayers! (When I sent the above Telegram two days ago, I didn’t realize the novena ended the next day, even though I was praying it hard while doing it. It shows the power of that novena of the Sacred Heart.) 2) Our New Jersey pro-bono attorney who represents us for all our Red Rose Rescue arrests re-tore and injury and had to adjourn our case until April or May. That means BOTH parts of my life I set out as an alarm to you all two days ago have been overturned. Again, sorry to have you join me on this emotional roller-coaster, but I promise I didn’t expect either change. I see God’s Providence in both of these mysteries of my life now, even though I’m done trying to guess how it will shake out.”

By “trial,” I mean I was slated for this.