20 07, 2022

RCT 2: Intro Part B

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Roman Catechism of Trent (RCT) 2 is another introductory pod on the history and the authority of the Catechism of Trent, created in the 16th century. We also evaluate the purported “changing” of the Catholic Church’s teaching on the death penalty, as found in modernist catechisms. Please subscribe to this podcast and (in case of being de-platformed) please also considering subscribing to these alternative platforms: https://rumble.com/c/c-1209063 https://www.bitchute.com/channel/SKzBnAOMwjuO/ https://www.padreperegrino.org/donate/ https://rumble.com/embed/v1acyyt/?pub=e5jg1

13 07, 2022

RCT 1: Intro (Part A)

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Roman Catechism of Trent (RCT) presents its introductory podcast to a several-year project of commentary on the "Catechism of the Council of Trent." This 16th century catechism is the only infallible catechism produced by the Catholic Church. Pope Clement XIII wrote that the Roman Catechism contains "that teaching which is the common doctrine of the Church, from which all danger of doctrinal error is absent." This podcast is presented by Fr. David Nix on the Padre Peregrino channel. *** Update for donors: https://www.padreperegrino.org/2022/07/chgdonor/ https://rumble.com/embed/v198zfh/?pub=4

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