21 09, 2023

“Your Commandments Are Weapons.”—St. Augustine

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We are in a very interesting time in Church history when some Catholics have a great desire to recognize the spiritual warfare into which they have been born. Yet, other Catholics seem interested in legalistic loopholes about how everyone (including themselves) has no responsibility towards their salvation. They hold this because the erroneously believe that either everyone is saved -or- anyone who can prove reduced-culpability or invincible-ignorance is thereby saved. There might even be overlap between these two groups! In other words, there may be Catholics doing binding prayers against demons who are at the same time looking for excuses not to keep the Commandments. But Our Lord Jesus said [...]

23 02, 2023

Hyper-Patriarchal and Hyper-Matriarchal Societies

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I recently watched a documentary on the Roman Empire.  What struck me about episode one is how masculine the pagan world used to be.   Demons seemed to have known who was in charge of that society, namely, men, so the sins were particularly male-based from the very start of the city of Rome: Fratricide, rape of the Sabine women (See above) and then, of course, centuries of conquering other nations. At the beginning of episode one, the documentary host reads a tombstone from about the 4th century BC where a certain "Scipio" boasts of how many hostages he took as a warrior. How did Christianity ever convert the Roman [...]

24 01, 2023

Revisiting “Santa Muerte”

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On my video called Theology and Current Events (TCE) #41 I was joined in early 2022 by Armando Valenzuela to discuss the Mexican “devotion” called “Santa Muerte.” Mr. Valenzuela is a former police officer and special-agent from the Los Angeles Police Department. One thing Armando made clear (and no one can accuse him of "racism" since he's half-Mexican and half-Pima Indian) is that the Santa Muerte devotion is not an old Mexican devotion based in Catholicism, but a new diabolical act of worship of the demon of death introduced into the country by Mexican drug cartels.   Or, more likely, as we will see later, it is a return of the [...]

1 02, 2022

Misunderstandings of Diabolical Activity

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As you know, I am not an exorcist.  But I do know enough about the supernatural (God and the angels) and the preternatural (demons) to correct some common misperceptions that I am hearing from even good Catholics these days.   For example: 1) This group is so evil—do you think they're possessed? and 2) Can you do an exorcism on this misled family member of mine? Question #1: This group is so evil—do you think they're possessed? Answer: Many people seem to forget that mortal sin is worse than diabolical possession. While it is true that many traditional Catholics are right to be shocked at the level of evil living [...]

7 10, 2021

To Banish the TLM to the Catacombs

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Recently, I heard a middle-aged exorcist give a talk about how all the elderly exorcists in the world agree that something happened in 1963 that tanked the power of the Church in exorcisms.  The middle-aged exorcist did not say what this event was.  I asked his friend, and his friend suspected it was this event that happened in 1963, reported even [barely] by Wikipedia:  "Windswept House describes a satanic ritual – the enthronement of Lucifer – taking place at Saint-Paul's Chapel inside Vatican City, on June 29, 1963. The book gives a depiction of high-ranking churchmen, cardinals, archbishops and prelatees of the Roman curia, taking oaths signed with their own [...]

21 08, 2021

Chestplate of St. Patrick (Full Prayer)

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This is the full "Lorica of St. Patrick" prayer and it's the only deliverance prayer I do every day.  It's worth saving on your note-app or printing: I bind myself today to a strong power, an invocation of the Trinity. I believe in a Threeness, with confession of a Oneness in the Creator of the Universe. I bind myself today to the power of Christ's birth with His baptism, to the power of His crucifixion with His burial, to the power of His resurrection with His ascension, to the power of His coming in the Judgment of Doom. I bind myself today to the power of the ranks of Cherubim, in obedience of Angels, in service [...]

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