21 05, 2022

St. Augustine and the Drunk

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Most people who recount the conversion of St. Augustine highlight his former life of sexual sin, and for good reason.  But he also had to undergo an enormous detachment from the admiration of the men of his age.   Before his conversion, Augustine was the 4th century equivalent of a tenured-professor at a prestigious University in Milan.  One day, while walking along, he came across a rather happy-drunk.  Unlike the modern tenured-professor who might ask shallow, self-righteous ethical questions (eg Why are there homeless people?  Why is he drunk?) Augustine ponders in Book VI of his Confessions as to why this drunk had attained some happiness and he had not: I [...]

3 03, 2021

TCE 13: Freemasonry and ‘Black Lives Matter’ with David Gray

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Fr. David asks David Gray about his conversion from high-level freemasonry to non-dom Christianity and then his conversion to Catholicism. We discuss 'Black Lives Matter' and the state of the African-American family in the 21st century as communism approaches. https://youtu.be/YII7VvLX5vU

29 08, 2019

Glad Trad 9.1: Br. Timothy Meets Mother Teresa of Kolkata

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What happens when a NYC male-model meets Mother Theresa in Manhattan?  Today's podcast recounts Br. Timothy's journey to become a diocesan hermit in Montana.  We also tackle the question:  Did Mother Teresa believe all religions are equal?

27 05, 2019

Glad Trad 7: The Conversion of Oakes and Julie Spalding

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Mahound's Paradise tells me in the Loop of Chicago's famous "Russian Tea Time" of his conversion to Catholicism.  This conversion includes St. John Cantius in Restoring the Sacred.  [Correction:  The Charlie Hebdo shooting actually occured on On 7 January 2015.]

9 05, 2019

RomeCast 2

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In today's podcast, we hear Oz' conversion story.  Oz will be my co-host for every Thursday's RomeCast as we dwell into news and commentary on the Catholic world. Today I also talk about a new Benziger Brothers re-make of Parish Ritual that includes all the old sacraments of the Roman Rite in both Latin and English.

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