Jesus left the temple and was going away, when His disciples came to point out to Him the buildings of the Temple. But He answered them, “You see all these, do you not? Truly, I say to you, there will not be left here one stone upon another that will not be thrown down.”—Mt 24:1-2

The above is Jesus Christ’s own prediction of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, just days before His Passion.  Of course, God gave them 40 years to repent for killing Christ.  When they did not, Jerusalem was razed by the Romans in 70AD.  Not only early Christian sources, but even other Jewish and Roman sources chronicle that absolute destruction.

Widely regarded as the greatest historian of the First Century in Jerusalem, Flavius Josephus wrote much about the Siege of Jerusalem (see above picture) and the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 70AD by the Romans.  Even Wikipedia names Josephus as “a Roman-Jewish historian and military leader… to a father of priestly descent… [but] defected to the Roman side.”  His most important historical works are The Great Jewish Revolt, The Siege of Masada, The Jewish War, and The Antiquities of the Jews.

But what Wikipedia will not tell you is the detail in which Josephus chronicles the morals of First Century Israel when the Temple was destroyed.  Tufts University has on their site The Works of Flavius Josephus tr. by William Whiston in 1895 (also found here) this description of some degenerates during the First Century in Israel:

They also devoured what spoils they had taken, together with their blood, and indulged themselves in feminine wantonness, without any disturbance, till they were satiated therewith; while they decked their hair, and put on women’s garments, and were besmeared over with ointments; and that they might appear very comely, they had paints under their eyes, and imitated not only the ornaments, but also the lusts of women, and were guilty of such intolerable uncleanness, that they invented unlawful pleasures of that sort. And thus did they roll themselves up and down the city, as in a brothel-house, and defiled it entirely with their impure actions; nay, while their faces looked like the faces of women, they killed with their right hands; and when their gait was effeminate, they presently attacked men, and became warriors, and drew their swords from under their finely dyed cloaks, and ran every body through whom they alighted upon.—Flavius Josephus, the Wars of the Jews.

Notice that First Century Jews included violent transvestites.  These were effeminate men who “put on women’s garments.”  They wore make-up and “their gate was effeminate.”  These were not women, but men guilty of “unlawful pleasures.”  Of course, these were among those men who perished in the Siege of Jerusalem and the Destruction of the Temple in 70AD, following Christ’s own prediction.

But this article isn’t about the Jews.  It’s about corrupt clergy.  The Vatican should also brace for a similar destruction after they invited a Male Drag Artist for World Children’s Day.