In the above 60-second clip (or here if you’re on a mobile device) the unelected-squatter to the office of Vice-President, Kamala Harris says, “Let us think about today, December 13th, 2022, a day when—thanks to Democrats and Republicans—we finally protect marriage rights in federal law.  For millions of LGBTQI+ Americans and interracial couples, this is a victory, and it is part of a larger fight.  The Dobbs decision reminds us that fundamental rights are interconnected, including the right to marry who you love, the right to access contraception and the right to make decisions about your own body.”

The silly thing about Kamala’s words is that “gay marriage” was already “legalized” under the Obama administration.  So, even if I was a leftist, I would laugh at how far behind the ball she is on this.

But she did say something very interesting that only conservatives have pointed out for the past twenty years:  “LGBTQI+-marriage” is intricately tied to contraception.  Of course, only conservatives will go the extra-mile on this and indicate that both homosexual-unions and married-heterosexual contraceptive-unions seek climax without children.  (That is the main reason they are so similar.)  But Kamala is the first leftist I have seen who has accurately linked abortion to contraception to “same-sex marriage.”

Although she was apparently ignorant that same-sex marriage had been “legal” for many years in the USA, Kamala accidentally (and accurately) linked the 1965 Supreme Court case Griswold (the decision “legalizing” contraception) to the 2015 Supreme Court case Obergefell (the Supreme Court decision “legalizing” same-sex-marriage.)  (I use the word “legalizing” in quotes since St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that any unjust law is not a law at all.)  But she accurately connects these two Supreme Court decisions perhaps because they both promote sexual-unions that are normally incapable of producing children.  (Also, keep in mind that she is correct in linking contraception to abortion as I point out in this podcast that describes scientifically how the Oral Contraceptive Pill is responsible for more abortions than all surgeons working for Planned Parenthood, combined even across the globe.)

Why did Kamala throw “interracial marriage” into that mix?  Probably just because leftists know everything they say is so preposterous that any criticism of what they say must be “racist.”  (And no, I’m not against inter-racial marriages.  I’m just saying she needs a sane-protection point within an insane-speech that is promoting sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance.)

The California Family Council reported in 2021: “Pro-life undercover journalist David Daleiden recently reveal documents indicating Vice President Kamala Harris allegedly abused her power while the Attorney General of California. According to Daleiden’s attorneys, Harris colluded with Planned Parenthood to punish him for his investigative work that exposed Planned Parenthood officials selling fetal body parts, a violation of federal law.” David Daleiden then added, “No matter how hard Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris, and their associates have tried, the truth can no longer be buried.”  This was in reference to how Kamala Harris, as Attorney General, had approved the raid of Daleiden’s home apartment to obtain his video-footage of sting-operations in abortion centers, revealing these centers were complicit not only in the pre-born slaughter of children, but also in harvesting body parts of aborted babies.

Fox News reported in 2021: “Daleiden’s attorneys argue that one of Harris’ appointees, Deputy Attorney General Johnette Jauron, effectively admitted in May 2021 that she abused the powers of her office by giving the National Abortion Federation (NAF) that footage and other materials seized during a raid in 2016 from Daleiden’s apartment as part of Harris’ criminal investigation.”

It’s an interesting fact that David Daleiden attends the Traditional Latin Mass.  It seems that the Catholic Church’s enemies (both from within and from without) who attack the Traditional Latin Mass are also the same people who attack the unborn and the pro-life movement.

In the above two-minute video that came out recently, Connecticut police end a two-week search to find a man who murdered and dismembered his 11-month old daughter.  What if law enforcement in this country took the same vigilance to stop people who murder and dismember children of any age?  We might be on our way to re-establishing a just society.