David Bawden (who went by “Pope Michael” in Kansas) has apparently died. God rest his soul. I thank God he apparently made a confession at the end, but it’s not that big of a statement since I hope every person on this planet confesses before dying. People on social media are saying ridiculous things like he repented of “his apostasy” at the end just since he thought he was the Pope for the past decade or so.

Let’s get a few things straight:

1-Bawden did not accept the post-Vatican II Popes as valid. I do. At worst, this would make him “a schismatic,” not “an apostate.” In fact, I don’t think he was ever a schismatic since the Church traditionally gave wide girth to someone doubting a Pope: “Neither is someone a schismatic for denying his subjection to the Pontiff on the grounds that he has solidly founded doubts concerning the legitimacy of his election or his power [refs to Sanchez and Palao].” (de Lugo: Disp., De Virt. Fid. Div., disp xxv, sect iii, nn. 35-8.) Again, I accept all validly-elected post Vatican II Popes as legitimate, even if I think they were modernists. For example, I believe Pope John Paul II was a valid Pope, but I know we’re saved by Jesus Christ, not personal acceptance of a Koran-kissing Pope who was extremely confusing on many issues. So, lay off Bawden for that.

2-Bawden claimed to be “Pope Michael” but he lived with his Mom in Kansas who made him a sandwich every day. This speaks of some very gentle mental illness, not the stuff Arius or Judas is made of. So, lay off Bawden for that.

3-EDIT: The following rumor proved to be false, but it doesn’t change my assertions already-published: People are rejoicing he allowed a normal parish priest in union with the diocese to hear his confession. If it’s true, great. I think novus ordo sacraments are valid. I’m glad he made a confession. But if he hadn’t, you can be sure all the normy Catholics putting him in hell would be all the same doofuses putting Billy Graham in heaven. We don’t know where either of those men are, so how about we just pray for the dead instead of judging them?

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.

p/c “All That’s Interesting.”