Mt 12:22-30
What happened in 1963 that greatly reduced the “ex-opere operantis” (subjective) power of the exorcists of the Catholic Church in 1963? I do not know, but one PhD in theology I know suggests it was this, as found in Wikipedia: “‘Windswept House’ describes a satanic ritual – the enthronement of Lucifer – taking place at Saint-Paul’s Chapel inside Vatican City, on June 29, 1963. The book gives a depiction of high-ranking churchmen, cardinals, archbishops and prelatees of the Roman curia, taking oaths signed with their own blood, plotting to destroy the Church from within. It tells the story of an international organized attempt by these Vatican insiders and secular internationalists to force a pope of the Catholic Church to abdicate, so that a successor may be chosen that will fundamentally change orthodox faith and establish a New World Order.”

Correction: On this VLX I said, “demons cause all disease.” I do NOT believe that. I meant demons cause *some* disease, but not most. But the Fall (aka Original Sin) is certainly responsible for all disease.