We all face such a fast news-cycle today that people are now forgetting the basics as to why one should not take the COVID-19 “vaccine.”  As the mainstream media takes on a new propaganda program that would make even the old Soviet newspaper Pravda blush, let’s review several very basic reasons why you should not take the COVID-19 “vaccine:”

    1. It was made from cell lines from aborted babies.  These were real babies, as real as your children who never consented to be a part of a Frankenstein experiment to die in order to be injected into a billion people.  And the best that Catholic moral theology pundits can say in response to this is essentially, “Yes, but they died a long time ago, so they don’t count.”  Nice moral theology.
    2. It might kill you.  I can’t tell you how many texts I get every day from people telling me they know of someone sick or dying due to unknown causes after having the “second Pfizer.”  As most of you know, VAERS now reports 11,900 dead from the vaccine.  However, I suspect the rate is much higher than that.  Of course, I believe COVID is a real virus, but when we consider how many flu deaths were subsumed into the putative COVID deaths in 2020, we have strong reason to believe the vaccine will kill many more people than the virus.
    3. It is pushed by government coercion.  That right there tells you it is not a medicine but a political project.  No medicine for health ever needs coercion.  Can you imagine in a real pandemic the government needing to use threats and treats to get a dying population to take a truly-healthy and life-giving medicine?  Of course not.
    4. It is going to be the first of dozens of jabs you need.  This is especially true if you agree to the first.  A nurse at the Children’s Hospital in Denver has admitted to a friend of mine that this will be at least a yearly event for children to need a new COVID “vaccine.”  More shocking is that the UK’s Daily Mail reads:  “Monthly vaccine doses will be offered to help more than 1 million Britons beat the illness.”  That means that there is going to be no end to the experimental drugs the government wants to inject into your arm even before the first one has been FDA approved.
    5. It is not stopping COVID.  As I mentioned in number one, I am getting many texts from people about how sick the Pfizer jab is making people. I have a friend who is an RN on the West Coast in a COVID unit. (She is not a “traditional” Catholic, as if that should matter here.) But one of her texts to me today read: “All I know for sure is that people are still very sick from COVID even after 2 doses of vaccine.”  Furthermore, CNBC reported:  “CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated.”  An NBC reporter named Ken Dilanian even tweeted:  “New data suggests that fully vaccinated individuals are not just contracting COVID, but could be carrying higher levels of virus than previously understood, facilitating spread, my NBC News colleagues are reporting. New indoor masking guidance expected today.”
    6. It is not a vaccine but rather an “mRNA spike-protein inducer” that promises “cumulative damage and chronic inflammation to cells for years to come.” Dr. Jacob Wes Ulm, MD, Ph.D., a geneticist, explained this concern in detail in a letter to the British Medical Journal, as well as in a public comment to an article about mRNA vaccines on January 2021:  “[I]t seems that they [mRNA vaccines] can enter a much broader tissue range compared to even attenuated virus vaccines…And since the mRNA vaccines would induce SARS-CoV-2 viral spike protein expression, that seems to mean that people who get the mRNA vaccines are going to have a much greater range of cells and tissues vulnerable to cytotoxic [T-cell] attack…with side effects that may not manifest for years (with cumulative damage and chronic inflammation).”
    7. Fauci’s NIH has admitted to funding the Wuhan lab.  This means if this same pro-abortion Jesuit trained Fauci-guy is both working on the vaccine and the virus, it is clear this is a single project to stave off “overpopulation.”  Once you realize the virus was made for the vaccine, and not vice-versa, then you should quickly understand (in light of the other six above) that the vaccine may not only accidentally kill some people, but it’s actually designed to kill people.  And yes, you can quote me on that directly, even if you take it out of context.  Yes, I’m really that confident this is a global project of technocratic communism and Big Tech to make a more “sustainable” planet for just those elites.