In real life, I have known more people catch coronavirus the past three weeks than anytime since March 2020.  One of these includes a traditional priest who was hospitalized due to the virus.  Another was a young father of several children who was almost intubated due to COVID-19.  So I admit this new “surge” is real.

Yet I am still more wary of the vaccine than the virus. Here is three new pieces of information this week alone:

1) Fertility Problems For Men. In this video I already reported on the UK government’s warnings against women’s fertility in taking the COVID-19 jab.  Now, the University of Miami reports a warning against men’s fertility in taking the COVID-19 vaccine:  “To protect fertility, some men may want to consider freezing their sperm prior to vaccination.”

2 ) The Vaccine Grants Only Two Months of Immunity. North Carolina DHHS said on Fox News that the covid-vaccine will probably only buy you two months of immunity.   (This obviously means you’ll need more untested vaccines in 2021 if you take the first one.)

3 ) There May Now Be a “New Strain” of Coronavirus.  L.A. Times reports “L.A. County is probing whether a new, more contagious COVID strain is spreading locally.”   (There may be immodest ads on the L.A. Times site, so do not click on it if you want to avoid that stuff like I do.  I link it just so people know I’m not making this stuff up.)

The point is this:  If the vaccine for the current strain of coronavirus only buys you two months of immunity then you will need more vaccines once you agree to the first two-months of immunity.  Furthermore, if there is admittedly a “new strain” then you will need more vaccines once you agree to the first-strain’s vaccine (that only lasts you two-months, by the way.)  It does not take a scientist to see what is being proposed is an unending cycle of virus-to-vaccine and virus-to-vaccine in order to commandeer this virus for a global-government overreach. Number two and three above (notice the secular news links in there) now prove that neither a positive diagnosis for covid nor a covid vaccination will gain you any liberation from future social distancing, masks or more vaccines to stave-off dangerous new “strains” or “mutations.”

They are admitting this COVID-19 vaccine is going to do nothing for anyone who takes it.

The arguments for taking this vaccine are becoming nothing short of an exaggerated chapter in an absurd dystopian eugenics movie.  It’s almost like Gates is trying to sterilize those stupid enough to take his vaccine.  Wait.  That’s been his entire goal for a decade, and he has said so himself!  So maybe we should believe him.  Indeed, so much for conspiracy theories.

It is true that I have known two middle-aged men hospitalized due to COVID-19 recently.  Nevertheless, I stick with my previous assertions on this COVID-19 vaccine:  It comes at a very a high price, especially the fact that we will all need a brand new vaccine in a few months— either due to a new strain or an admitted lack-of-immunity from the first vaccination.  Of course, these are all connected to aborted babies in either their testing or manufacturing.  (And “super-remote” is a fake theological term, by the way.)  Finally, these vaccines are being rolled-out with minimal testing and unknown fatalities.  We all know that this is an extremely high price to pay for a virus that has a 99.92% survival rate.