Please watch this video done by the New Zealand government that is less than 60 seconds long:

In May, New Zealand reported “zero new coronavirus cases Monday for the first time since the middle of March” and still with all of the international over-reporting, they were only reporting able to muster up 20 alleged deaths due to coronavirus. Let’s grant that to them, God rest their souls. But now NZ claims 13 positive cases in four days (not four deaths. Just four people with a generic coronavirus-test turn out postive, not necessarily Covid 19) as they claim this is reason enough to begin mandatory quarantine camps.  Even with over-reporting, they claim only 22 deaths in all of 2020 due to coronavirus:

Yet now they have mandatory quarantine camps.  Am I exagerrating with the word “mandatory”?   Consider CNN who never wishes to expose these things.  Even CNN was blinded by their own defense of communist gulags by belying the fact that this is not voluntary insofar as a man had to escape.  CNN’s opening line to this story was:    “A man in his 50s absconded from a New Zealand coronavirus quarantine facility, cutting through a fence to visit a liquor store, officials revealed on Friday.”  When I tweeted the above line from CNN, there were many funny responses like “The question is, what did he buy?”  But despite the funny responses, it is astonishing to me how many people miss the fact that a man in a country with barely any coronavirus deaths had to “abscond” from a “quarantine facility” by “cutting through a fence.”

In fact, CNN and even my readers missed these terrifying two questions that necessarily follow from their article:
1) Why is a wire fence necessary for a voluntary hotel-clinic?
2)  How can a man languishing and debilitated under the deadly coronavirus have the strength to break through a fence to go purchase some booze?

New Zealand is not a free country anymore and this is not a voluntary “quarantine hotel” if a man has to cut a fence for a drink.  This is the definition of a gulag, fronting not as economics (like traditional communism) but the new red herring of “national health” (as we will see is the future of technocratic communism.) Yes, this is a concentration camp or a gulag.  When I called it “a concentration camp” on Facebook, a conservative Catholic from New Zealand wrote me the following public admonition:

Notice that this gentleman from New Zealand (and we have over 500 friends in the traditional Catholic world on Facebook, so he is certainly a conservative or perhaps even a traditional Catholic) is defending the mandatory camps in claiming in the exact same sentence that it is both “voluntary” so that “nobody…attempts to escape.”  Those words were in the same sentence above!  That Kiwi “conservative Catholic” who wrote the public admonition against me for using the term “concentration camp” also defended his country’s quarantine facilities by insisting they needed “improved…security and guarding” (his words, not mine.)

Improved security has nothing to do with voluntary hotels for the healthy.  I revert (via his own admonition against me) to my original assertion that these are the beginnings of concentration camps in a first-world, English speaking country.   Why?  It is very clear to me at this point this is to eradicate freedom of all citizens in the name of an unproved pandemic. If a “conservative Catholic” in New Zealand would be this blind to technocratic communism that has fully taken over his country, we have to ask, “Why?” The answer is simple:  Catholics’ obedience has become laziness. Lay Catholics fall in line with their parish priests who fall in line with their bishops who are being paid millions by their government in 2020 to stay silent and keep their Churches closed. Now that we have concentration camps opening in the first world, English-speaking Catholics are sounding more gullible than the Russian Orthodox 70 years ago as they were mounting trains to gulags claiming “our governors and hierarchy would never lie to us.”

Go read the history of semi-recent history of Russia or very recent history Venezuela if you think I’m exaggerating.  The difference now is that every country in the world surrendering all their citizens’ freedoms to  an unseen globalist force.  This is something we have never seen in world history.