New Zealand, one of the least affected countries from coronavirus, now has quarantine facilities (ie concentration camps for the sick.)  Thailand has nurseries containing children in plastic cages to “protect others.”  Australia’s Victoria has created a police state against anyone who doesn’t wear a mask.  In just several months, all seven continents have been locked down.  Fear was used; control was gained; control will not be relinquished.  Never have a group of hidden leaders gained control of nearly every country in the world in just five months.   To understand what happened in 2020 and what is coming in 2021, here are the three most important videos I have seen on the overreach of a one-world government hung on the red herring of “coronavirus” and what this means for Church and State:

1. Fr. Altman in Wisconsin gives scathing statistic after statistic on coronavirus and the unnecessary masks and lockdown in this 28 minute video.  From his verifiable statistics, Fr. Altman shows the theological and economic implications of Catholics believing such lies:


2. Dave Cullen in Ireland shows in this video shows that COVID is just as much a new religion as a new science: 

3. Michael Matt of The Remnant has well over 3 million views to this 25 minute video showing that there is a global plan to hit a global “reset” on the economy, food and even religion.  (And yes, you guessed it,  George Soros and the Vatican are involved.)