18 12, 2021

Mental Prayer vs. Centering Prayer

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A good friend recently asked me to explain the difference between traditional Catholic mental prayer (meditation on the life of Jesus that the Spanish mystics called oración mental) and New Age centering prayer (amorphous meditation promoted by pseudo-Eastern groups.)  My online series on mental prayer called Video Lectio Divina tries to teach the former, but I have never tackled the difference in definitions. So what is the difference between mental prayer and centering prayer?  A decent answer would be that that mental prayer looks outwards to God and centering prayer looks inward to self.  This would be a decent answer.  However, it's not a perfect answer because great mystics like [...]

1 07, 2021

Marian Prayer of Bl. Junipero Serra

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You may wish to save in your note-app this little-known prayer of a saint to Mary and pray it every day: O Purest Queen of heaven and earth, most perfect work of the Holy Trinity, since from all eternity the Father chose you for His daughter, the Son selected you to be His Mother and the Holy Spirit selected you as His spouse, there could not be the slightest imperfection, not even the smallest shadow of original sin on your soul.  As the first fruit of the redemption, your soul was free, beautiful and free from the initial moment of your conception.  Receive, O Mother, in virtue of this singular mystery, my [...]

10 06, 2021

Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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This Act of Reparation was prescribed to be recited on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Pope Pius XI in his encyclical Miserentissimus Redemptor (8 May 1928). A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful, who piously recite the above act of reparation. A plenary indulgence is granted if it is publicly recited on the feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Most sweet Jesus, whose overflowing charity for men is requited by so much forgetfulness, negligence, and contempt, behold us prostrate before Thee, eager to repair by a special act of homage the cruel indifference and [...]

25 03, 2021

The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Should lay people pray the Roman Breviary? As far as the old-school Roman Breviary as found in the featured image above, I would say no.  Why would I say no?  Because it is 8 "canonical hours" of the Psalms on repeat all day long and most of us pray it in Latin.  It takes 2-3 hours a day and we pray all 150 Psalms a week in Latin.  2-3 hours of Latin prayers is appropriate for a hermit like me, but probably not for a lay person like most of you.  However, if you insist on a couple of the old-school canonical hours, there is a good app that has [...]

5 05, 2018

Prayer of Praise and Offering of Love for the Life of the World

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Blessed are You, Magnificent Holy Father of Gentleness and Majesty. Nothing compares to you, the Holy, Almighty One of Israel. Thank you Father for your power—You to whom all things in heaven, on earth and under the earth, do bow and obey. I now see that You alone are worthy, O God. I praise you and worship you with holy hands, night and day in the temple with Simeon. Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel, how sweet are you to me who cries “God alone!” Kyrie Eleison. I adore you profoundly in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, all aflame with the Holy Spirit. I pierced the meek and mild heart [...]

15 12, 2016

Ignatian Meditation: You meeting the Christ Child

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This is the second half of an Advent mission that I gave tonight in Louisiana before the exposed Blessed Sacrament.  It is a led meditation of discursive mental prayer that I gave improv, but it is given according to the style of St. Ignatius and St. Teresa of Avila.  This recording is one of my only podcasts that I would suggest doing in a quiet place for the sake of the prayer required.  It is the type of prayer that changed the life of St. Francis Xavier when he was led in this personal way by St. Ignatius of Loyola, over 500 years ago.

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