6 06, 2023

Why Is Celibacy Higher than Marriage?

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Realizing that most of my readers are lay, and realizing how the priest—child scandals have tanked not only the low trust placed in celibates not only by secularists but even by good Catholics, this blog has to tread on pretty raw ground.  Let me stay at the outset that although Divine Revelation definitively holds it as true that celibacy is a higher vocation than marriage, the saints are clear that the priest's salvation is normally harder to attain than that of a lay person, due to the higher level of scrutiny at his particular judgment.  This is obviously due to the duties and high-calling he has ostensibly answered in life. [...]

25 01, 2022

On Continence Within the Permanent Diaconate

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-or- Why we have chosen a Josephite Marriage by Deacon Angel Cuesta and Jazmin Cuesta The upheaval of so many things in the world and in the Church over the past couple of years led us to study, pray and reflect on many aspects of Holy Mother Catholic Church including her traditions, her laws, her teachings.  Even 26 years after ordination to the diaconate, there had always been a disquietude for us regarding the acceptance of a married Catholic clergy.  Amidst our research, we then became aware of the official and unchanging teaching in regards to celibacy/continence for all clerics.  Some of these teachings include: In 390 AD the Council [...]

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