Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem, saying, “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw His star when it rose and have come to worship Him..—Mt 2:1-2, Gospel for Epiphany.

Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser was a Catholic priest and prophet of the 17th century.  He outlined the seven ages of the Church which some say refer to the seven candlesticks of the Apocalypse (see medieval manuscript as featured image above.)  The fourth age was the Middle Ages. The fifth age began an age of schism and heresy, beginning with the Protestant revolt.

Ven. Bartholomew shows that this fifth age will include not only attacks from without (like Protestantism) but also an infiltration of heretics within Rome.  He wrote nearly four hundred years ago: “God will permit this great evil against His Church. Heretics and tyrants will come suddenly and unexpectedly. They will break into the Church while Bishops, Prelates and priests are asleep. They will enter Italy and lay waste Rome. They will burn the churches and destroy everything.”

What does it look like to apply Holzhauser’s prophesies of the 17th century to the messages of Our Lady of Good Success, La Salette and Fatima?  Of course, no one knows what the future holds, but Mary’s words in all those locations (as well as the current events in Rome) would strongly suggest we are on the cusp between the Fifth Age of confusion and the Sixth Age of peace.

Many say that sixth age will include the Angelic Pope and Great Monarch who will reunite and rebuild what was destroyed by modernists and Muslims.  Our Lady of La Salette said this age would only last 25 years before the final antichrist.  Of course, this notion of an era of peace clearly coordinates with Our Lady of Fatima’s promise of an era of peace, too.

However, Mary at Fatima was clear that this would only happen when the Pope (with all the bishops of the world) validly consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart.  No word games.  No free-masonic code for population-control via climate-change alarmism.  Just a simple consecration of Russia (not the “whole world”) to her Immaculate Heart.  When the Pope does this (who I personally hope will be the next Pope), this will kick off the Sixth Age of the Church.  Experts in Marian theology much greater than me say that this will convert Russia quite rapidly.  Therefore, Russia is an extremely important factor in this equation.

Both Fr. Kramer and Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea have said that the Russian Orthodox Church (and other Eastern Orthodox) will only have to renounce their rejection of the Filioque and a few other errors to come into union with the Roman Catholic Church.  I add to that that after all the damage we have done to ourselves in the West over the past 100 years (and especially over the past 10 years) this will probably take a miracle more global than Our Lady of Guadalupe to convince the Russian Orthodox to come into union with the Roman Church (who they have been ripping on incessantly—and rightly—this year of 2024 due to Fiducia Supplicans.)

Many Russian Orthodox were killed and tortured by communists in the 20th century, demanding they accept their “ecumenism.”  So, they already know not to accept the “ecumenism” of the modernists.  In fact, the Eastern Orthodox (from Egypt to Greece to Russia) find the Novus Ordo Missae to be Protestant.  They would never come into union with a liturgy that even our own Roman books in the West admit to have been written by freemasons and Protestants.

But if a future traditional Roman Catholic Pope abrogated Vatican II and the new sacraments and returned the entire Church to follow only her ancient sacraments and doctrine, this would leave many modernist Catholics in pain and disbelief. But if the Eastern Orthodox wanted to come into union with just such a traditional Roman Pope, they would have to change very little.  They could keep their ancient Eastern-Rite sacraments and Patristic doctrine (provided they accepted the Filioque and a few other ancient teachings like no-divorce and no-contraception) without any need to change their sacraments. This is because the Orthodox never had a Vatican II that changed everything.

Like today’s Epiphany Octave in the West (also Theophany or even Christmas in the East this week) there may be a miraculous illumination of faith in who would be analogous to non-Jewish Magi, namely, the Eastern Churches.  Of course, the analogy breaks down since the Magi were pagans and the Eastern Orthodox are obviously Christians.  But the similarity is that Jews and Catholics sleep through the signs God is sending, while Russia bans gay parades and tries to reduce their child-slaughter rate.

I’m not saying it’s sufficient to be Russian Orthodox or Greek Orthodox.  But it is worse to adhere to the current Vatican apparatus promoting Pachamama worship and sodomical blessings and the sick p*rno news that came out this week on the head of the DDF.

We Catholics will only be taken seriously by Orthodox and Protestants under a traditional Pope. Only a Pope who obeys God instead of man will validly consecrate Russia with all the bishops to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested by Our Lady. (This prohibits political additions like “and the whole world.”) When that happens, I believe many Russian Orthodox will become Eastern Catholic of the Russian rite quite rapidly.   Of course, I don’t know, but I suspect that before the year 2030, either Jesus returns in glory or we have the Angelic Pope to unite a billion Christians under Rome.

Even today, so many evangelicals want to come into union with Rome, but they say they cannot because it seems so “woke.”  But I believe so many of the Bible-believing evangelicals will come into union with that traditional Angelic Pope, especially if God works global miracles.  Perhaps many pagans and infidels will accept Christ and Apostolic Catholicism.

But what becomes of modernist Catholics as consciences are illuminated?  They very well accept Apostolic Catholicism, too.  Or, like the complacent Jews of the first century, progressive Catholics might reject the future traditionalist Angelic Pope prophesied at the next age of the Church.  Yes, such a Captain may abrogate Vatican II and the seven new sacraments (while admitting they were valid) as Our Lady of Good Success speaks of a prelate who will “restore the Church.”  (Restore implies something will have been lost when that prophesy was made a few hundred years ago.)  Perhaps some modernist Catholics will accept him, but many will not if the Church goes into a full external schism over these current issues of sexuality and liturgy.  (She is already in an internal schism, as even many non-traditional Catholics admit.)

Because things are at a fever-pitch in heresy in the Catholic Church, many believe we are at that liminal zone just between the Fifth Age and the Sixth Age.  This is clear from the fact that Fatima has not been obeyed:  From the top of the hierarchy in rejecting a clear demand for the consecration of Russia to ignoring Fatima’s warnings that immodesty would lead many souls to the flames of hell, few Catholics realize we are in pre-apocalyptic times.

So, unless Jesus returns very soon, I believe the next Pope will consecrate Russia and we will see global miracles of conversion to the Catholic Church. According to Our Lady of La Salette and other Marian prophesies, it seems we will soon have 25 years of peace and millions of conversions.  But like first century Judaism, many lukewarm Catholics (those who claim to be card-carrying members of the true religion but don’t have supernatural faith) may leave the True Faith.  And like first century evangelization, many of those not in the current Frankenchurch may soon enter the true Catholic Church as she comes out of eclipse.

In fact, if the Sixth Age of the Church is only 25 years, this means you might see the next Pope abrogate Vatican II and abrogate a certain alleged-Conclave as well as consecrate Russia.  This will bring tremendous blessings upon the entire Catholic Church and the world.

However, humanity doesn’t do well with blessings.  The Fathers and prophets are clear that people will forget God’s blessings in the sixth age of the Church and return to horrible depravity within 25 years, leading to the horrendous Seventh Age of the Church.  Of course, only the final antichrist will claim to have the final, human-based solution.  The Bible is clear he will reign for 3 and a half years.  Enoch and Elijah will return from the atmospheric heaven to make many converts of Gentile and Jew.  Finally, they will be killed by the antichrist.  However, at that moment, Christ will return to earth, slay the final antichrist, and bring all those in grace (including many newly baptized Jews) to heaven.

Or, perhaps Jesus doesn’t return until the year 20,578 AD.  Or, perhaps we’re simply coming up at the very end of the world in 2024 without any of the above.  Some people say that when Mary said at Fatima, “In the end, my Heart will Triumph” she meant literally in the end.  As in, only at the end of the world would her Heart Triumph over all.  After all, it was also Our Lady of La Salette who said “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist.”  It doesn’t appear we need to wait another thirty years for that prophesy to be fulfilled.

Obviously, I don’t know what happens from 2024 until 2050.  But Ven. Holzhauser’s Seven Eras of the Church seem pretty convincing in light of the current apostasy in Rome and the all the approved Marian apparitions of the past few hundred years.  Both predict an era of heresy would be followed by followed by an era of peace, unity and evangelization.  Because of Fatima, we know this must begin with Russia, which is already ripe for conversion.  Like the enlightenment of the pagan Magi in the East 2000 years ago, there may be a Theophany soon to unite all true Christians in the near future, despite all odds with what we currently see in the Western Church.

This was a sermon I gave on Epiphany 2024.