The above is a screenshot from my YouTube channel.  But only the content-creator (myself) can see the above “warning” within the internal dashboard.  This has been perpetually present since I made a video against the Covid-19 “vaccine” in 2021.  It was a content violation, a thought-crime. But to lose the “warning” I just learned (Oct 2023) that I can to take a certain “training” from YouTube (YT.)  Hence, I call this blog post, “YouTube Re-Education Camp.”

I figured this would be like any multiple-choice continuing education that uses questions to surreptiously teach their own skewed worldview.  But YT’s level of pro-abortion indoctrination in the training I took this month was truly shocking:

WordPress pictures don’t work too well these day, so here’s the text of the question I had to answer correctly to even begin to re-gain my YT channel: “A community leader uploads a video in which he urges local residents not to get vaccinated because he believes the vaccines contain cells and tissue samples from aborted babies.” (This is not in reference to me, but it could have been!)

In any case, in the above “training” question I had to answer to get my YouTube channel back to normal, the desired answer was obviously “No.”  In other words, anyone with a “medical misinformation” strike had to accept from YT that it was a violation of their policy to insist the C19 jab was made from aborted cells. The lady doth protest too much.

The above text of the next question to eradicate thoughtcrimes reads: “Safia recorded a conversation with her friends where she claims she became infertile after a chemical abortion using the prescription medications mifepristone and misoprostol. Safia urged her friends to avoid chemical abortions or else they will also become infertile.” Notice this one has nothing to do with Covid. But if social media is run by people following the enemy of human nature (as St. Ignatius calls him) then his cards are revealed the very thing he does want revealed in this re-education question, namely, that chemical contraceptives can cause lasting infertility.

Sometimes the enemy of human nature overplays his hand.