The above picture is Dr. Peter McCullough MD and myself at the recent LifeSite News Gala in Florida, August 2022.   Dr. McCullough is a Texas-based cardiologist has stood courageously against the dangerous COVID vaccines on both Tucker Carlson and the Joe Rogan show.

Recently, someone posted the above FB post of mine back to my FB profile comments to remind me of what a ridiculous prediction I made about the COVID vaccine one year ago this week.  The person who posted that against me must not be looking at medical news too much, because I’m hardly ashamed of that FB post last year.  The sad and sobering fact is that certain populations of young adults have all-cause mortality up 40% right now.  Of course, that is not as high as I predicted, but we’re only one year into this bio-weapon wreaking havoc that nobody is allowed to name.

The mainstream media says the pathophysiology to all of these adult cardiac arrests and miscarriages is “unknown.”  But a look through my Twitter feed (revealing both mainstream media and alternative news sources) vindicates my original post quite well.  Please read these headlines closely to put together just how many adults and children the COVID vaccine has already killed:

Of course, many on the left will say the above screenshots prove nothing.  That’s fine.  Just keep taking your booster shots as we see who lives to educate the next generation of Christians (if Jesus doesn’t return soon.) That’s called spiritual “survival of the fittest.”