Michael Knowles frequently quotes the 19th century British Cardinal Manning who said “All human conflict is ultimately theological.”  I had an experience of this yesterday afternoon.  I put up the following Tweet…

…and then countless leftists piled on me with unspeakably filthy reply Tweets.  Although I recently blogged here about how we on the right are all too quick to say any of our enemies are “possessed,” many of the replies were so dark that I had to come to the conclusion that they were not coming from “bots” but from real people who are highly obsessed or even possessed by demons.  But what does this have to do with politics?  Again, Cardinal Manning said “All human conflict is ultimately theological.”  This quote-Tweet of my Tweet (from someone who goes by “demon mode” in her handle) solved a riddle I had been wondering about for a long time:

Notice that the left wants “an authoritarian state” so as to make the life of someone like me entirely “unlivable.”  Another replied “That’s what I’ve been saying!!!”  For me, this was a “Code Red” moment from the movie “A Few Good Men.”   In other words, we now see the left is aligned with demons who are aligned with an authoritarian state for one reason:  To destroy anyone who would oppose their immorality.  Then why don’t we on the right get any real traction?  I thought about this and then tweeted: “I fear the left is closer to demons than the right is to God. That’s my only explanation why they’re smarter and faster than us on everything from abortion to fake elections to a scamdemic.”

This morning, I was on a group text with two buddies of mine who are laymen who bring their families to the TLM. One of them texted me:  “’When a person considers that the Son of God, the Lord of death, willed to die, he no longer fears death.’—St. Thomas Aquinas, (Commentary on Hebrews 2).  Which is why the left is so obsessed with death. Death vax, cutting off reproductive (life-giving) organs, euthanasia, etc.”

That was another piece to this riddle I have been trying to solve to understand as to why the left treats everything in their life with such religious passion.  Cardinal Manning is correct, that all conflict is ultimately theological.  What the left desires greatly for the right (and themselves) is death. What the right desires greatly for the left (and ourselves) is life.  The sooner we realize this is a theological battle more than a political battle, the more we might take the spiritual life seriously.  There is no more “reaching across the aisle” with the left if they want to make the lives of people like me (who would simply tweet against the abortifacient properties of contraception) “unlivable.”

Let us pray for our enemies, but let us consider the pathway of compromise no longer.