I have been listening to podcasts with Dr. Peter McCullough MD and Dr. Robert Malone MD on the topic of the COVID-19 “vaccine.”  Dr. Peter McCullough MD is one of the most peer-reviewed and published cardiologists in the world out of Texas. Dr. Robert Malone MD is a graduate of Harvard Med and has dedicated a large part of his life to the development of mRNA vaccines.  As most of you know, these physicians responded to COVID-19 in 2020 as most physicians did, namely, with medical concern that we were facing a looming enormous pandemic that could wipe out a significant portion of the population.  Since then, however, these are two of the most outspoken men with the incontrovertible data (often from major health organizations now hostile to them) that the vaccine poses more of a danger than the actual virus to every segment of the population, especially to children and young-adults.

The two physicians explain that the COVID-19 “vaccine” has the same spike-protein as the virus.  However, the injection’s spike-protein is surrounded by lipid nano-particles that have been proven to disproportionately target young men’s myocardium (heart) and young women’s reproductive organs (ovaries.)  This is the main reason why so many young athletes (especially male soccer players) have fallen dead on the field shortly after the jab and why young women (and even girls) are having problems like early menopause shortly after taking the C19-injection. (Dr. Peter McCullough MD and Dr. Robert Malone MD have proven this in many places, so I’m not going to link it all here.  If you want, you can search it all on Duck-Duck-Go but probably not on Google due to big-tech censorship of non-incentivized scientific.)

What does theology have to do with any of this? As I stated above, these two physicians prove that the injection’s spike protein is surrounded by lipid nano-particles that disproportionately target young men’s hearts and young women’s ovaries.  Incredibly, this is the same thing Satan had to do to Adam and Eve in order to gain a victory:  Overturn man’s heart and thus conquer woman’s fertility.

The ancient serpent wanted to stop any reproduction of the image and likeness of God on earth in mankind.  Why?  First, because the angelic nature is incapable of reproduction, so this was a sticking-point of envy for Satan.  Secondly, since Satan can not attack the actual face of God, he must target the face of man and woman.  Yes, these creatures alone on earth bare the actual image and likeness of Almighty God.  Remember there is a complementary interfacing of God’s image in both sexes:  Man is made to be the strong protector and tender provider of woman, whereas every future man must be born of woman—and woman-alone.  Thus, Satan had to go around Adam’s heart of strength and protection in order to deceive Eve with such crafty words as, “For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”—Gen 3:5.  And thus, the serpent emasculates man and taints the daughters of Eve forever…

until Mary is conceived without original sin.  Blessed is the fruit of her womb because already beating in her womb would one day be the tiny Sacred Heart of the unborn Jesus.   This is the woman who crushed the head of Satan not only by this Incarnation at the Annunciation but even earlier at the point of her own Conception in the womb of St. Anna (as the chapter 3 of the exorcism rite makes clear.)  Her Son’s Sacred Heart will be the most courageous heart that ever beat, for it alone would be pierced for the life of the world as the prophet says that they will look on him whom they have pierced. (Jn 19:37 quoting Zech 12:10.)

The spike-protein is just like Satan:  It goes for young men’s hearts and young women’s ovaries.  (Yes, it’s found in numerous non-incentivized studies you won’t see in the mainstream media.) So, I find it no “stretch” to write that Satan’s plan is always to make inept the strong male heart while rendering defunct the life-giving organs of woman.  The solution remains the same:  Men must obtain the courage and strength of the Sacred Heart in order to defend the fertility of women—both biological and spiritual.