Under all these continued lockdowns, I believe the below video might be the most underrated thing on YouTube.  It’s Fr. Philip Wolfe FSSP describing how to assist someone in making an act of perfect contrition.  Most people would find it quite a show-stopper to learn that the Catholic Church teaches that a person dying in original sin (like a Muslim or Jew) or a person in mortal sin (like a Catholic who has not been to confession in a decade) can still be saved by God with only a layman at his deathbed!   It is so important as more priests and sacraments are cancelled and as hospitals double-down on vaccine-status against family members and active priests to watch this short video on how to guide anyone (including yourself) through making an act of perfect contrition in one’s heart and with one’s lips.

Fr. Wolfe maintains it is not as difficult to make an act of perfect contrition as one might think.  And whereas you must go to confession before Holy Communion if you were in mortal sin and still live, perfect contrition before God (even without a priest) can bring you into sanctifying grace.    Under these continued lockdowns and cancelled sacraments, I know of no more important video or podcast to donate 15 of your minutes to this weekend than this: