Dear friends, family, readers, listeners and benefactors—both spiritual and material,

Ave Maria!

I wanted to thank you all for all of your support this past year. First, some great news: My VLX (Patristic Bible Study) and CPX (Catechism of Pope St. Pius X) and TCE (Theology and Current Events) reached it’s first year of production about midway through 2021. Across all forums like YouTube and Apple podcasts, it is now getting about a million listens a year! It has been my dream for a long time to teach Scripture and catechesis as a traveling missionary, so this was an answer to a prayer in a roundabout way. I thank God (and you all at a distant second) very much for this.  I never would have guessed becoming a missionary through being a diocesan hermit, but Providence works out better than our own desires.

With several hours of prayer a day plus taking care of all my own food and operations for this evangelical hermitage, I had to make the decision to either keep up with correspondence with you all or continue blogging and podcasting. I chose the latter.  I really am sorry for not getting back to many letters or emails in 2021. If it’s of any consolation, please be aware that I got back to almost no one. I also refrained from reading Direct Messages on Twitter and Private Messages on Facebook. Really—it’s not that I get that many emails or letters, but I was just too exhausted at the end of a day of prayer, podcasting and numerous emergencies a week. Still, that is no excuse for all the blessings of time that God has given me, so please let me say again: I am really sorry for getting back to so few emails and letters in 2021.

However, I always get back to texts and I tried to make sure that all of my donors have my cell phone to text me short questions or prayer requests. Please email me at my Donate Page with the subject “Need Cell” if you are a donor who does not yet have my cell phone.  Since I do not take Mass stipends (for I don’t like the idea of exchanging prayer for money) I can usually fit into my Mass numerous “major intentions” as I call them. (If I were to take Mass stipends, I could only have one major intention per Mass. As it is, I can have as many major intentions, for I can verbalize many at the Roman Canon and Memento for the dead.  This means I can offer Mass for many individuals—by name—a day.  But please—just text me prayers requests, not Mass requests, as it’s easier to say yes while traveling to that without feeling guilty if I can only swing your prayers into the Divine Office or Rosary instead of Mass on certain days.  But often I can get your “prayers requests” as full “Mass requests.”) I also want anyone with my cell phone from my past who has never donated to me to be able to text me prayer requests, even if I can’t put that number out on my blog to stay in touch with everyone.

Of course, it would be a mortal sin to change the Roman Canon in any way, but since we are allowed to say as many names as possible at the letter “N.” above, I am allowed to say the words that you see there.  The above is my reminder.  I know that many of you lost your jobs this year because of mandates.  That is one additional reason why I never want my education or prayer attached to money.  You will never find another level of my online education such as “patreon subscribers” or “prime memberships” or “members only material.”  In fact, you’ll never find ads to my VLX or CPX on YouTube or even pop-ups on my blog begging for money or with immodest advertisements.  Another reason is I do this is because I want rich and poor to be able to enjoy my catechesis.

Thanks be to God, I am doing well financially. I invested this year in a special project called “The Mobile Mission Unit” that has not been unveiled to my donors yet, but it has reached the unanimous approval of my board of directors and/or mentors.  I was surprised at this, but Peregrino Hermitage Limited got it off the ground and hopefully it will benefit some of you in the future, especially if things go even further south in Church and State.  More to come on that… For now, I am not traveling much.  In smaller news, you might be interested that this past year I moved permanently (?) from wearing the cassock (see below picture) to the hermit habit above (graciously made gratis—and beautifully—by Ms. Ortega of Denver, CO.)

If you are still employed and are looking for a target for the tithe of your Christmas bonus at the end of the financial year, please consider donating to Peregrino Hermitage Limited, a tax-deductible 501(c)(3.)  Here is my Donate Page.  As you discern the target of the tithe of your Christmas bonus, please remember that Peregrino Hermitage Limited at the above Donate Page is tax-deductible and we reach a lot of people with the teaching (and sometimes sacraments) of traditional Catholicism.  On that page, you can donate by check on snail mail (and be assured that all checks are shredded after deposited via online banking.)  Or, you can also donate digitally by PayPal or Continue To Give either one-time or monthly (and also be assured your information is never, ever shared with anyone.)  Even though my hermitage is recognized as being in good standing by both the Archdiocese of Denver and State of Colorado, I get no financial help from either Church or State (except health insurance from my diocese) since I’m a private diocesan-hermit without a parish.  1

Your donations go to my liturgical lifestyle that also includes catechizing several hundred thousand people a year as well as pro-life work a few times a month as well as sacramental emergencies locally. A good chunk of my time on the phone is also spent connecting Catholics with other Catholics and new converts in urgent situations of sacraments or medicine across the globe.  In fact, these situations have put me in touch with people as far away as Saudi Arabia and Iran this year!  On the other hand, I totally understand if you would rather donate to a traditional priest who emails back-and-forth as a distanced spiritual director for more local and daily issues.  I truly am sorry that I can not be that for you right now.  Again, please be assured I wasn’t “singling out” anyone on snail-mail or email in my derelict absence in 2021.  I just couldn’t do it while trying to teach online and pray a few hours a day.  Maybe I’ll be better in 2022… but I wouldn’t count on it.

In any case, thank you to all who donate to me or pray for me.  I really can say that I need my spiritual benefactors just as much as my material benefactors.  So, please pick one or both to help me! May the Immaculate Conception prepare you for the light-filled birth of her Son in Mercy and His glorious return in Justice at the General Judgment as we anticipate both in this Holy Advent Season beginning a new liturgical year.

Fr. David Nix