Guest Author: Andromeda

Prologue: Until today, I had never heard of Professor Albert Drexel (1889-1997). He was born in Hohenems, in the Voralberg Province of Austria and was the third of five brothers, who, like him, were all priests. He was ordained in 1914. He held three doctorates in philology (i.e. study of language, strongly connected to the study of etymology).

A week or so ago, I had started to formulate a desire to implore help from The Mother of God, namely, in the form of a visible sign that I could clearly understand. Knowing the seriousness of such a favor, and with childlike hope, I let it sit, and only once more during the week thought about what it was exactly that I was asking for. Then, at Holy Mass this afternoon[efn_note]Friday of Michaelmas Embertide, Feast Day of Our Lady of Ransom, 2021[/efn_note], I recalled this desire and simply prayed to her. In short, I wanted to know if the Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was of God, more specifically, was he now in the blessedness of the Saints. I know, I know, because I too would be rolling my eyes right about now.

Holy Mass was beautiful. I offered my thanksgiving, said my prayers, and then rushed home to my chickens. Farm life is very demanding, sucking you into a flurry of things that need to be done, yesterday. Shortly after getting home and doing some chores, I resumed my task of reading through some of the changes being made to the Code of Canon Law, Section VI. As I was reading and researching, I came across a reference to Fr. Drexel and his locutions. I clicked the link and started reading, as follows:

In the spring of 1921, Bishop Sigismund Waitz of Innsbruck Feldkirch had called, asking me if I would be willing to go as chaplain to Batschunsnear Rankweil, to build a church for the mountain parish situated at a great distance, because several of the parishioners would have to walk over an hour to the parish church of Rankweil. For a long time, funds had existed for the building of a church, but they had become almost worthless because of the inflation after World War I. Therefore, the labor had to be done by the people themselves and by alms, as well as begging outside the village and the neighborhood. I said “yes” to the Reverend Bishop. When I arrived in the village, I asked the children and the sick to pray for this purpose…What I brought home from the collection was little, and would only last for a short time to help in the building of the church. I was so exhausted and tired, and left with such little strength, that the only solution to my dilemma that I could see was to stop building. I was bitter, and my health had greatly suffered. It must have been a little past midnight when I felt very discouraged and miserable, and I called out loudly three times toward the statue of the Heart of Jesus: “Savior, I can do no more!”
And then the great miracle happened. Hardly had I spoken my third lament, when the room suddenly lit up. I did not see the lamp, nor the statue, nor anything else in the room anymore–but only the figure of Jesus, with extended but half-lowered arms, and He said mildly, but distinctly to me: “I am with you. You shall finish My dwelling place. I shall come again every time in the night of the graces of My Heart, but not because of the dwelling place of stone” (the half-finished church). “You shall build on the dwelling place of My Church, because many enemies will try to threaten and destroy her. Pray!” I was speechless, and tried to look at the light and stammered weakly: “Savior, how can I do so?” “You shall not be alone; pray!” I heard these words distinctly. In the room, it was dark again as before.[efn_note]Drexel, Albert, Faith Is Greater Than Obedience, 1976. Entries from the diary of Fr. Drexel dating 1922 – 1973, written upon the locutions of our Lord to him over these years.[/efn_note]


I was intrigued so I read on for another few pages, wherein our Lord would appear to Fr. Drexel, warning him of a coming apostasy led by priests and Bishops. He said that this would signal that “the time of the Antichrist has begun .” The Blessed Virgin Mary, (which he, Jesus, refers to as, “the Apocalyptic Woman,”) is mentioned in every entry. Actually, Mary is front and center in every message to Fr. Drexel.

At some point in the reading, I remembered Holy Mass, and my request to Mary, when suddenly, my chickens started an absolute cacophony of clucking and crowing outside, so I bolted out the door to check on them. I’ve had a serious run of coyote attacks that have devastated my chicken flock. Thankfully, everything was fine this time. Young roosters apparently get very excited when they catch a bug.

When I returned from this little distraction, I continued reading, as follows: (this is where it gets rather interesting)

My Church lives in the midst of apostasy and destruction. She lives also among numerous faithful and loyal people. In the history of My Church, there have been times of decline, a desertion, and devastation in consequence of wicked priests and tepid shepherds. But the spirit of God is most powerful, and has raised up the Church and caused it to blossom again, but smaller, upon the ruins and graves of unfaithfulness and desertion. The work of Ecône of My servant Marcel[efn_note]Ibid., the footnote of the text reads as follows: “A flourishing Catholic work: the seminary of Ecône, Switzerland. My servant Marcel: Marcel Lefebvre.”[/efn_note] does not perish!

And this:

My faithful son Marcel, who suffers a great deal for the faith, is going on the right path. He is like a light and pillar of truth, which many ordained priests of Mine are betraying. Faith is greater than obedience. Therefore, it is My will that the work for the theological education for priests continues, in the spirit and will of My son Marcel, for the salvation and great help of My one and true Church.

And this:

Your other worries are concerning a doubt about the painful situation in which My son Marcel finds himself. He suffers injustice, because of this fight for the faith and because it was an unjust verdict given to him. But there shall come a time in which this injustice will be repaired in time here on earth: this son of Mine is a worthy servant of My one and true Church.

There is more, which you can read here (Part I) and here (Part II) if you are so inclined.

Memorare, O piissima Virgo Maria!