If you are new to the TLM, you will hopefully find this blog post very helpful.

In late 2017, I taught a class at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Jacksonville, FL on how to use the layman’s missal while attending the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM.)  People new to the TLM needed some help thumbing through their ribbons in their layman’s missal.  Now, because of how many people came to the TLM last year, my friend recently suggested this that I do a re-post of  my five classes:

  1. TLM Class 1
  2. TLM Class 2
  3. TLM Class 3
  4. TLM Class 4
  5. TLM Class 5

Also, St. Francis De Sales wrote about the spiritual side of attending the TLM, especially upon which part of the Passion you are to meditate during the TLM. I also made a video splicing in his words and Mel Gibson’s movie to my own low Mass here: