I guess my Holy Week wouldn’t be complete without false-accusations…again.  This time, I’m considered “racist” for reporting how African immigrants see African-American culture on a podcast.  My initial response to such ridiculous accusations is this:  Reporting how, for example, Irish-immigrants see Irish-Americans would not be called “biased” by the cancel-culture liberals.  Therefore, the very accusation that any comparison between African culture and African-American culture is “racist” naturally presupposes that blacks are an inferior race (which I do not hold, of course.)

That the long-held premise of Democrats holding blacks as inferior is the only explanation to come to the conclusion that a discussion on African versus African-American culture is “racist.”   This is exactly why the cancel-culture has no idea what to do with people like Candace Owens:  She does not accept the leftist view that blacks are to be held perpetually as victims-to-manipulate by the Democratic party.

After liberal-Catholic-Twitter attacked us last week for our original video, I asked my friend David Gray not to respond to them.  However, he went ahead and made a 17-minute video (including my original 2-minutes of “controversy”) as a rebuttal to our online attackers.   He did an excellent job in this short video, so I’d highly encourage you to watch it here: