New Weekly Schedule:

  • Mon: Video Lectio Divina (VLX) on YouTube or podcasts apps.

  • Tues: Theology Blog (here)

  • Wed: Catechism of Pius X (CPX) on YouTube or podcasts apps.

  • Thurs: Theology Blog (here)

  • Fri: Theology and Current Events (TCE) on YouTube or podcasts apps (if time.)

  • Sat: Life Update under pull-down blog section called “Life” (if time.)

The above is my new production schedule starting next week (barring retreats or emergencies. ) See “Padre Peregrino” on “Talks” section of blog or YouTube, Apple Podcasts, any Android podcast app and Bitchute. (Bitchute is my back-up to YouTube if the latter deplatforms me for not having “woke” enough material.)

The picture at the top is me preaching Holy Week as Celebrant of my first Solemn High Mass on Maundy Thursday at an old Irish parish on the Gulf Coast.