Vaccine vs. Ivermectin

The 512th reason I won’t take the Covid vaccine is because people are hawking it in front of supermarkets on a poster boards that look slightly less professional that what the Girl Scouts would use:

I took this picture of a shady drug deal outside a Denver supermarket last week.

Instead, I will be taking this if I catch COVID-19:

Please be aware of four other things:
1. Don’t take the horse medicines of Ivermectin. It might be too strong for the human liver.  A nurse friend sent me the above ivermectin that I snapped it a picture. Notice:  Made for humans, not horses.
2. The “ingredients” to the Pfizer vaccine can be found here.
3. A Yale University professor and renowned cancer researcher said here that “The bottom line is that ivermectin works.”  He continued:  “I’ve seen that in my patients as well as treating my own family in Italy.  We must find a way to administer it on a large scale to a lot of people.”
4. Remember the COVID vaccine is not FDA-approved.  They rolled it out under “Emergency Use Authorization” which sounds just as good, but it’s not.  Life-insurance companies know very well those two things are not the same.  One life-insurance company told one investigator (with the admitted-project of disproving the disproving of Snopes fact-changers on this topic) the following: “We cannot answer that question as a hypothetical. As you mentioned in your policy any treatment or medication our insured customers take must be FDA approved. Denial of benefits may occur if our policy holders engage in any investigational or unproved treatments.”  In other words, life-insurance companies are probably not going to honor your life-insurance claim if you die after taking a non-FDA approved medicine like the Pfizer-vaccine.  (They’re smart. I wouldn’t insure a person taking an untested vaccine either if I had to bet my money on people living after taking it either. Once people’s money is on the line, they seem to change their tune!)

Remember all covid vaccines are: 1) immoral. 2) dangerous 3) unnecessary