I recently stopped by for confession at an old Capuchin parish just north of downtown Denver.  It is traditionally a parish on the border of an African-American neighborhood and a Mexican neighborhood.  Holy Mass is offered in English and Spanish.

As I went inside to look for the older Capuchin who was going to hear my confession, I noticed that they were setting up for a funeral. I went up to the casket to pray and I saw it was an open-casket funeral.  A young Mexican man, perhaps 18 years old, had died.  I prayed for his soul.

I then went to the back of the Church where the Franciscan was opening up the confessional door.  I said “How did he die so young, Father?”  He replied, “The same way as so many of them—suicide.”  To be honest, I thought he was going to say “gang violence” as it was a rough neighborhood and he paused after saying “The same way as so many of them…” But, no, he was burying this 18 year old that day.  He told me he had also recently buried a 13 year old suicide.

The face of that 18 year old Mexican man in that casket is now burned into my memory.  His is his own face, of course, but also the face of what this lockdown is doing to people.  I have prayed for his soul and it broke my heart to see him, dead so young in that casket.  I felt great anger for the people causing this lockdown like Fauci, Gates, Schwab and Soros.  But upon seeing that young face and Rosary wrapped around his hands in that casket, I also realized that my blogging and podcasting against this government overreach is not in vain.  It is important to note:  That older Capuchin who admitted to me he is burying so many suicides has no political dog in the fight.  He is not on Twitter.  He doesn’t do the Latin Mass.  In other words:  Even priests who are not called “extremists” like me will admit that this lockdown is killing their own parishioners. 

I have already pointed out that at least two countries have admitted that suicides on lockdown have killed more than coronavirus.  For one, even the ever-mendacious CNN admitted that last year that more people died in Japan of suicide that all of 2020 under coronavirus.  But the face of that young man who killed himself became the face in my mind of all the suicides that this diabolical lockdown is killing.  His priest telling me how many are dying of suicide brought me out of my Twitter world and back into my former life of the parishes to see:  Although coronavirus is real, this totalitarian lockdown is purposefully killing more people than coronavirus.

I believe the Fauci-Gates lockdown is essentially a eugenics-based genocide purposefully using suicide now (and later vaccines to kill the compliant and camps to kill the non-compliant?)  Of course, many readers might ask the question at this point:  Why would eugenicists utilize suicide?    My answer is simple:  They target the weak-minded to off themselves out of society.    For what purpose?  Reducing climate-change.  As ridiculous as any conservative readers might think “climate change” is, that is truly the answer of Fauci, Gates, Soros and Schwab:  They want less people on their own green planet.  And if the weak-minded “off” themselves, then the hiers of  a “green-planet” get their “fatherland” as I recently said here.  Yes, this is truly using the survival of the fittest minds making the sons and daughters of God turn against themselves.  What could be more diabolical?

The fact they die by suicide does not contradict the fact it is a genocide against them.  Think how many suicides happened in Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Treblinka.  Even suicides in concentration camps were still considered causalities at the hands of Nazis.

Please pray for the repose of the souls of not only those who have died of coronavirus, but all the many people dead on lockdown as planned by their health-communist totalitarian overlords.  One such young person’s hearse is found in the featured image above, outside the Church in which I went to confession.