Today, a layman informally texted me his predictions for election week.  He certainly did not mean the following as prophetic, but I thought it read as so plausible and accurate that I asked him for permission to publish, and he agreed: 

– Votes counted by evening of the election show Trump wins in a landslide.
– Day after Trump declares victory late night / early morning.
– Mainstream media (MSM) issues pre-written press releases condemning Trump for declaring victory since “all votes aren’t counted”
– MSM articles have overt statements that Trump is a dictator and must be stopped.
– Rioting starts in DC, NYC, Minneapolis and LA day after election.
– Election +2:  Rioting expands to 10-15 major cities in the country
– Election +3:  Rioting expands from urban areas to wealthy suburbs, quickly turns violent.
– Election +4: Protester block major highways, terrorize people in their cars, killing some. Violence expands to more suburbs. Starts in rural areas to shock people.
– Election +5:  Looting in most urban cities and adjacent burbs. Select rural areas. Food shortage begins.
– Election + 6 or 7:  Trump gains enough confidence that he actually won the election that he mobilizes the army to put down the rebellion.
– Election + 7-14: Small scale civil war between army and BLM protestors. 100’s of lives lost.