The above is an 8 foot by 8 foot tin face outside a suburban liquor store (where I now regret having purchased anything.) It was while driving away that I realized a semi-new world religion is forming:

    1. The image and likeness of God as a human face is covered when a mask is on it.  Although we men and women most reflect God first and spiritually in having an intellect and free-will, the face is the physical part of the human person that most clearly reflects the fact that every person was made in the image and likeness of God.  (Gen 1:26)
    2. The Rainbow Flag is a mockery the fact that God once destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of sodomy (Gen 19:27-29.) The mask in the above picture says “Love is Love” meaning any sexual act can be considered love.  (Forbes now reports that Netflix is under fire for promoting pedophilia.) In any case, the message is now clearer:  Cover that part of your body that reflects the beauty of God (the face) and uncover that part which leads to idolatry: “The beginning of fornication was the making of idols.”—Wis 14.12.
    3. The tin-face in the above idol is gender-non-specific. Demons (which are also gender-non-specific) are very jealous of man and woman’s complimentary nature and ability to reproduce.  Demons target men first because when men fall to demons, they have their final target cleared:  Woman and Child.
    4. This mask is mandatory, which is how all false religions of the world spread.  CBS of South Carolina reports: “Charleston City Council…voted to no longer issue warnings to those not complying with its mask ordinance; instead first time offenders will receive a ticket and $100 fine. A second offense will result in a $200 fine and every time after that is $500.”  Notice that like Islam’s harsh rules on face coverings, so technocratic communism will have punishments for those who don’t follow the new secular sharia.
    5. Strangulation is satan’s preferred way of human death and demons want men muzzled.  Think how a snake (Gen 3:14) has the preferred method of strangulating its victims and think how Judas died by hanging (Mt 27:5) partly because he was possessed:  “Satan entered into Judas called Iscariot, who was of the number of the twelve.”—Lk 22:3.  Hanging and muzzling are the goal of devils to harm us humans who can express ourselves with words in a very reflection of the Eternal Word.  Muzzling is an act of BDSM.  BDSM stands for Bondage, Dominance, Submission/Sadochism and Masochism.   BDSM is a violent movement in the LGBT world that consists of choking each other while covering each others’ faces:

The name of this semi-new world religion under the pretense of covid and tolerance is:  Satanism.   As Cardinal Manning once wrote, “All human conflict is ultimately theological.”  We now have a forced world-religion of neo-satanism that will require perfect compliance mentally under pretense of tolerance (“Love is love”) and perfect compliance physically under pretense of the mask (“a pandemic.”)

What does a pro-LGBT stance have to do with the coronavirus at the biological level? Absolutely nothing. That’s how we know this is political and spiritual, not biological.  The left proves this, not me.

But less than a half mile away… from the above rainbow-tin-demon is this fountain at a Vietnamese Catholic Church (where I stopped by for confession today, albeit it far from my hermitage) so let’s evaluate the freedom that is found in Catholicism, in clear and direct contradiction to the above five items.

  1. The image and likeness of God is most clearly seen in Our Divine Savior come to us as a child.  St. Joseph holds Jesus, the Son of God after whom He (God the Son) created every man and woman even preceding Him as the blueprint and prototype.  Christ, the New Adam, offers to bring us to heaven to something even more beautiful than the above, a place where “on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yield[s] its fruit each month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”—Apocalypse 22:2
  2. St. Joseph and the Child Jesus remain the perfect example of masculine purity.  In a world that tells men that true freedom comes from license, St. Joseph reveals that all freedom comes from the adherence to the law of God.  Indeed, where Islam and techno-covid-communism grows through killing, slavery and fear, it is Catholicism specifically that grows through our martyrs living and dying in offering to others freedom to new life in Christ.  This new life is forced upon no one and yet fully-realized in heaven alone.
  3. St. Joseph and Jesus did not have their face covered.   And neither did I when I stopped at that beautiful garden in parish.  There was only freedom and peace and joy on that big campus of a Vietnamese parish.   It is as if anyone looking at those statues can breathe the air of the flowers, the lilies, the pines, the grass while listening to the water that flows under the feet of St. Joseph.
  4. St. Joseph and Jesus are chaste men.   As I wrote above in correlative number 4 to this one: “Demons target men first because when men fall to demons, they have their final target cleared:  Woman and Child.”  Thus, men seeking chastity in reflection of Our Lord and St. Joseph is the greatest protection men can offer the new life that grows in women across the world, even in lockdown, nay, especially in lockdown as everyone has 24-7 access to the internet.  It is no wonder so many Catholics feel called to consecrate their lives to St. Joseph as example and protector, terror of demons.
  5. St. Joseph holds Jesus who subsequently offers the One World Religion of Freedom:  Catholicism.   There is no muzzling.  There is no silencing.  There are no forced conversions in Catholicism (contrary to modern history books.)  Christ wants everyone to love Him in freedom, and the beautiful flowing waters in the above picture are the exact opposite image of the muzzle of death:  New life flowing forth without hinderance or error.