The above is the single most important video I have seen on the current globalistic overreach that is being done in the name of COVID.    It is made by Dave Cullen, a lay man in Ireland.

Here are 12 points I have taken away from his video as to why I as a Catholic priest have to fight against the new false state religion in favor of God’s one religion:

  1. Communism Answers Only to Atheistic Tyrants as Covid answers only to only Fauci, Gates, et. al.  The power that the communist rulers may have obtained 100 years ago included a necessary atheism.  But now, Agenda 21 is the new form of globalistic technocratic communism where all citizens become dependent on the state not through economic coercion, but through coercion of living in fear of the virus.  Penalties shall ensue for those who do not follow the new health idols.  Those who oppose dependence on the state shall be threatened with punishments for their disobedience in spreading misinformation.
  2. Secular Sharia.  Instead of a Christianity without God (as in the old USSR form of communism) the new technocratic communism that has swept the globe in 2020 in fear of COVID-19 is more like an aping of Islam, not Christianity.  The face-mask obsession is not only a face-burqa (an easy link to Islam) but the face-mask also dehumanizes each person.  Individuals lose all individuality as they becomes slaves of the state (as they do in the theocratic systems of Muslim countries.
  3. Non-Believers in COVID-19 are Heretics Breaking Theocratic Rules. Here, the “clean” and the “non-clean” are demarcated by the mask.  In this new “secular sharia” the slaves to the cleanliness state maintain their party badge (the mask) of being the clean ones. Unfortunately, the non-mask wearers demonstrate that heresy is tantamount to treason, and the “unclean” must be publicly shamed (and perhaps eventually killed.)  I as a Catholic priest will not submit to this new false-god.
  4. COVID-19 is an “Omnipresent Force…” Just Like God.  The virus is invisible, powerful and everywhere.  Or so, Fauci et. al tell us.  The weak Catholic’s spiritual instincts are hijacked into an obsession with COVID-19 instead of a prayer life.  Repentance is now part of the secular religion (cf. racism and ecology-based examinations of conscience) pushed by technocratic communists.  This begins an obsession with compliance (religious obedience) and cleanliness (religious purity.)  Like Islam, those who do not demonstrate ritual purity or obedience must be shamed (and eventually killed.)  Let me say right now:  I as a priest of Jesus Christ will not be compliant to this new state religion.
  5. Ritualistic behavior replaces prayer. Some of these most-important rituals of the COVID-CULT include hand-washing and anti-social distancing.  Shaming those who go against the new and forced religion is certainly permitted, and even encouraged.  Order in ritualistic health has clearly replaced a Catholicism that was mis-represented as having no order under the title “Novus Ordo.”  Order and ritual abhor a vacuum.  Americans now feel safe obeying the new, stringent health parameters of the state much as American Catholic in the 19th century felt safe in the freedom-based (but nevertheless real) rules of traditional Catholicism.
  6. The High Priests’ Science Can Not Be Questioned Without Accusations of Treason.  Fauci, Gates, democratic governors and CNN condemn those who spread “misinformation.”  As said above, heresy is treason, worthy of death, now placed under an ever-encompassing aegis of “hate-speech.”  Anyone who disagrees automatically “wants grandma on a respirator” or is simply deemed a “racist.”
  7. Technocratic Communism is a cult based in fear, germs and hopelessness.  Communal isolation (found in the secular Islam of the mask) proposes living in fear instead of communal worship in hope (Christianity.)  Fear replaces hope.  Suspicion replaces fraternal charity in the new world where fear a virus apparently has more rights that God Himself.  Let it be known from the very beginning that I, Fr. David Nix, resist this new, satanic religion.
  8. Man No Longer Lives as an Image of God but in the Shadow of a Disease.  Man now lives as a “germ-bag,” not a son of God.  Man and woman must now live as a filthy threat to each other where each person must be muzzled with a mask and eventually must be synthetically “upgraded” with vaccines.  Synthetic upgrades will be necessary as the humanity that God made us with is apparently not sufficient for Fauci, Gates and friends.
  9. Technocratic Communism Has Successfully taken over Catholic Parishes.  The producer of the above video says:  “The Church itself is even compromised.”  He even continues:  “Social distancing signs and seating arrangements in Churches are a clear indication that the Church has adopted the secular position…If Jesus were on earth today, He would be ripping off the social distancing signs just as He upended tables from moneychangers in the temple.  Fear has no place in the house of God.  To place secular restrictions and rules between worshippers means that the power of the state takes precedence over Biblical teachings.”  If man is living in fear, then man is living as a slave, not as a son or daughter.  This was satan’s plan in having globalistic governments shut down Churches but keep abortion centers open.  The Catholic hierarchy is not only silent, but fully compliant.
  10. The State’s Commandeering of the Church Now Replaces Christ with Health as the Intermediary Conquerer of Death.   The fact that Catholics now enter Churches in fear of a spread of a medium-sized virus before any solicitude for his or her union with God means that satan now makes Christians openly question if Christ has actually overturned death. The Catholic hierarchy is not only silent, but fully compliant.
  11. COVID-Worship Has Technocrat Tyrants Who Rule Over Us Instead of Christ as King.  The crossroads of Islam and Communism is this:  The assurance that the majority of humans live as slaves to the minority of the elite humans.   This is much bigger than Trump and the United States.  In our New World Order, a small percentage of the “elites” have all the power over the serfs living in slavery of fear of [a nearly-impossible] covid-death with their new muzzle-masks.  But the serfs are happy to simply “exist” in “keeping healthy” in place of pursuing a meaningful life.  I would rather die as a life-filled baptized-son of God than live as a slave to the Allah-Allied-State-of-Health.
  12. The Vaccine Will Alter Human DNA. Enslavement to a new and dehumanized way of living is now seen as better than catching a virus.  (And remember, this virus has a fatality rate no different from a seasonal flu. )  But the magic vaccine will be the new Eucharist, as both promise eternal life.

But only one of those will deliver as promised.