Consider four current issues of “debated” truth:

1) In the above video, Sean Hannity names numerous racist things that Joe Biden said starting at minute 3:30.  This includes terms like “racial jungle” and “predators on our streets.”  Biden even describes South Asians as having a “slight Indian 7-11 or Dunkin’ Donuts.”  This is not to mention Biden’s newest goof of telling a black radio host that unless he vote for him, “You ain’t black.”  Of course, President Trump has never said anything remotely close to this racist (before or during his presidency. )

2) In the below tweet, I mention a medical fact that many young women in first world countries die of pulmonary embolisms and strokes each year, secondary to the oral contraceptive pill (not to mention that perhaps 1/10th of the time that contracepting women unite with their husband or boyfriend they eject a newly-formed human being, frequently called a zygote.  This is an abortifacient as much as a contraceptive.)

3)  The Republican Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to host an African American (Booker Washington) for dinner.  (Notice I link NPR there, not Fox News.)  But the featured image at the very top of this blog post is the work of Antifa and/or Black Lives Matter damaging the statue of Roosevelt in NYC.

4) A priest now publicly promotes sodomy, something prohibited in his own Bible.  Fr. Reese SJ said recently wrote here that “leaders in the Catholic Church and evangelical Christian churches [who] have fought tooth and nail against the expansion of LGBTQ rights…have lost [the] battle [and] it’s time to surrender.”  Of course, I don’t have to mention that his Jesuit superiors have not corrected his promoting of sodomy.

But half of America doesn’t care about the truth of the above four issues in regards to the above…
1) Recent American history in regards to the racist language of Joe Biden (who supports the terrorist organization Black Lives Matter.)
2) Medical truth of the oral contraceptive.  (In fact, Twitter was so threatened by my tweet that Twitter itself tagged on a, “See the latest COVID-19information,” to warn readers of misinformation.)
3) American history of Roosevelt opposing against racist democrats in 1901.
4) Biblical truth on sexual morals.  Think about what how medically filthy sodomy is, and what that priest is promoting.

Up until recently, I had blamed such problems of the truth upon misinformation.  But now, with the evidence surrounding such issues becoming so clear, I realize that most Americans are not only now rejecting the supernatural truths of Divine Revelation.  Most Americans are now also rejecting natural truths of reality.  This is extremely dangerous, and it just one more thing that reminds me of the first century Jewish hierarchy who was blinded to Christ, the ultimate Truth.  Remember Our Lord even says to Nicodemus at night: “If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?”—John 3:12.

That line, If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things, has only begun to make a lot of sense in 2020 insofar as we orthodox Catholic can no longer expect people to accept Christ and the Catholic Church if they are unwilling to accept medical truths or historical truths.  On the other hand, Christ is the only light of the world.  Until those who are spiritually (and scientifically) blind come to Christ the One Truth in both a supernatural way (heavenly truths of theology) then they just may not understand matters of natural truth.  (These are the earthly things of which Christ speaks to Nicodemus and—to a much lesser extent—the four examples I give above that had hitherto believed you could see without Divine Revelation if you had but the basics of common sense.)  Apparently common sense is forfeited without Christ as Savior.  And I don’t mean that sarcastically.

So, the only solution is to make Christ and the truths of His Catholic Church known, because if He is known, He will be loved, and hence the Truth will be known and loved —both the natural truth of earthly things in science and history and ultimately supernatural truths of theology—and hence salvation.  

St. Alphonsus Liguori must have seen a touch of this madness in the 18th century because he wrote even then: “One of the greatest evils that the sin of Adam has produced in us is that darkening of our reason by means of the passions which cloud our mind. Oh, how miserable is that soul that allows itself to be ruled by any passion! Passion, is as it were, a vapor, a veil which prevents us from seeing the truth. How can he fly from evil, who does not know what is evil? Besides, this obscurity increases in proportion as our sins increase, But the Holy Spirit, who is called ‘most blessed light,’ is He who not only inflames our hearts to love Him, through His divine splendor, but also dispels our darkness, and shows us the vanity of earthly things, the value of eternal goods, the importance of salvation, the price of grace, the goodness of God, the infinite love which he deserves, and the immense love which he bears us. The sensual man perceiveth not those things that are of the Spirit of God. A man who is absorbed in the pleasures of earth knows little of these truths, and therefore, unfortunate that he is, he loves what he ought to hate, and hates what he ought to love. St. Mary Magdalene of Pazzi exclaimed: O love not known! O love not loved!” And therefore St. Teresa said that God is not loved because he is not known. Hence the saints were always seeking light from God: Send forth Thy light and illuminate my darkness; open Thou my eyes. Yes, because without light we cannot avoid precipices, nor can we find God.”