The Basics: What is a Woman? is a documentary done by Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire. Matt travels the world to ask “What is a woman?” precisely to catch Western society in their contradiction of simultaneously fighting for “women’s rights” while refraining from defining a woman because of limitations of “gender fluidity.”  The only common sense answers comes from a Maasai tribe in Kenya and at the end of the movie, Matt’s wife.

Negatives: The only negatives in this movie is the immodesty. The first half of the movie has some immodestly dressed women. The last quarter of the movie has some very disturbing TikTok images of teen girls showing their mutilated chests after what is called “top surgery.”  (But this was permitted by TikTok long before Matt Walsh revealed it.)  Also, Walsh interviews some naked men in San Francisco.

Positives: You would have to be the owner of an extremely darkened intellect to believe children should be mutilated based on their temporary chemical imbalances or mental confusion.  So, in some sense, this movie is just too easy of a slam-dunk on the five-foot rim of the mental insanity of the left.  For this reason, this movie will change the convictions of very few on the right who even have a mildly-functioning version of common sense.

Nevertheless, this movie is still worth seeing.  For one, it reveals that leftists have arrived at the point of such widespread delusion that they no longer believe in science, sex, truth or even reality.  This movie would be enough to depress any viewer on the right, but it might be a wake-up call to a few of that ever-shrinking (already small) part of American population that I call “the fence-riders.”  Matt Walsh’s movie is not going to turn the tide on our societal rot, but it might be the final alarm to the last group of salvageable Westerners who have a shred of common sense still rattling around their brains.

Another reason I appreciate Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman? is that he encourages us conservatives to take the offensive in this culture war, not a defensive stance like we traditional Catholics are tempted to take in the face of such madness.   At one point Matt goes to a Loudoun county school board and (after temporarily becoming a resident of Virginia) he tell the school board they are “child abusers” for allowing transgender bathrooms that had become the scenes of rape.  This might be far-fetched for Catholics who would never send their kids to public schools, but let’s remember that a prominent Jesuit named Fr. James Martin SJ (a leftist trusted by the current Vatican regime) appeared to defend transgender-puberty blockers for children as reported here.  I’m glad Matt Walsh’s movie is encouraging us Catholics to be bold enough to use such terms in this debate as “child abuse.”

Perhaps the most moving interview is with a woman who now calls herself “Scott Newgent.”  This person “transitioned” and now runs TreVoices.   The subtitle of that website is “Trans adults and others screaming to stop child medical transition.”  It includes a link here to evaluate the extremely high numbers of Trans-Youth suicides.  It points out that most suicides are happening 7-10 years after the mutilating surgery, and these suicides are not due to lack of acceptance in the culture (as the left projects all their guilt on the right for their own diabolical decisions with their children, as I have blogged about before.)  That woman who “transitioned” and runs the above website also points out to Matt in his movie this shocking fact: “Every child that they convince is transgender and in need of medical transition, it generates $1.3 million to Pharma.”  (Notice that over a million bucks for every child convinced to transition.)

Finally, the reason I suggest traditional Catholics watch this movie (even if they think they have no kids in danger of going “transgender”) is because it covers the story of a Canadian man who refused to let his young daughter take hormone therapy.  When that father refused to use her “preferred pronouns” he was jailed and (released on bail) now awaits his November 2022 trial.  This demonstrates that the State believes it owns your kids more than you do.  And that should be a topic of discussion for even the conservative Christians who have already raised all their kids.