Art by Eugene De Leastar

The court case that lifted many American abortion restrictions was the 1992 case, Planned Parenthood vs. Casey and in that, Kennedy infamously wrote, “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life. Beliefs about these matters could not define the attributes of personhood were they formed under compulsion of the State.” Notice that this is asserting two insane things: First, that human liberty consists of an individual having “the right to define one’s own concept of existence.” Secondly, that “life begins when you want it to begin, so killing babies should be legal” (paraphrased but not exaggerated.) That first assertion is linked to the death of millions of souls. The second is obviously a direct cause of the death of millions of bodies (as it was a Supreme Court ruling that loosened abortion laws.)

Why do I say that holding “one’s own concept of existence” leads to the death of millions of souls? Because once we believe we can define our own concept of existence by ourselves, we lose all purpose and meaning in life. When we detach ourselves from tradition, community, roots and worship for the sake of stark individualism, we ironically lose all sense of loss of both communal and individual purpose.

Why then are members of the Catholic hierarchy promoting the notion of defining one’s own concept of theology in a similar way at the theological level? For example, on a recent podcast with Patrick Coffin, Dr. Edmund Mazza pointed out that Archbishop Georg Gänswein and Pope Benedict XVI attempted to create an expanded Petrine Office with a “contemplative Pope” and an “active Pope.” Archbishop Georg Gänswein then compared this willy-nilly ex-nihilo creation to God creating Mary as the Immaculate Conception. Both, said Gänswein, followed the theory of Decuit, potuit, fecit. (“It was fitting; He could do it; He did it.”)

Yes, it’s obviously blasphemous to compare the creation of a “bifurcated papacy” out of thin air to the “Immaculate Conception” first being in the mind of God before any human precedent. But Cdl. Ratzinger was not totally detached from these new inventions of theology either, for he himself proposed in the 1970s a trifurcated papacy. Also, many other forces went into this will-to-power theology on the papacy, for even Fmr.-Cdl. McCarrick publicly admitted to illicit papal lobbying as seen here and here.

Another example of forcing new theological realities not found in tradition was when an Archbishop recently wrote, “One thing that annoyed many Catholics is that those devoted to the old ways of worship often describe themselves as ‘traditional.’ I think they have hijacked the word for their own use. [PF] has reclaimed the word ‘tradition’ by clearly stating that the bishops are the guardians of the tradition. Tradition has a particular meaning in theology, it refers to St. Paul when he says that he passes on to us what he has received. In other words, tradition is a living concept not something stuck in the past.”

Note that he asserts that “the bishops are the guardians of the tradition” precisely because “tradition is a living concept, not something stuck in the past.” This is not the same as the rising notion of synodality promoted by the current Vatican regime and certain bishops’ conferences, but it’s very close. Synodality is where bishops’ conferences will be able to determine the specific flavor of doctrine, moral theology and liturgy that is right for their region. It’s the mistaken notion that bishops’ conferences no longer manifest the truth but decide the truth. Hence, we are looking at a brand new will-to-power “tradition” in synodality. Dogmatically it may not divorced from the Bible and Magisterium, but practically it most certainly is. This is the same as Protestantism, except it is now within the Church. How do we know this is Protestantism? Because in Catholicism, nobody in the hierarchy of any age can change Divine Revelation given from Jesus Christ to the Apostles.

Synodality is essentially the heresy of Modernism 2.0. You see, Modernism 1.0 surreptitiously claimed to have wanted to live side-by-side with orthodoxy. However, synodalism goes a step beyond this insofar as heretical bishops will now be able to completely re-define doctrine and invent new liturgy while the few semi-conservative bishops age-out and have their tendered-retirements quickly accepted by the Vatican. As seen above, some bishops and Cardinals are now admitting they can make up new realities like “two Popes” or claim they are tradition-itself just because they say so. Simply because they said so. Um, sorry, but that’s not how Catholicism works. That’s how Islam works. (Islam is the arbitrary will of “Allah” and his imams who change moral teaching based on the politics and financial worth of he who is seeking spiritual direction.)

So, I beg all Catholics to reject secular Catholicism and return to Apostolic Catholicism. Only Divine Revelation was handed-down, not invented. Only an Apostolic tradition can bring meaning to a people who walk in darkness because only an Apostolic tradition comes from the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ Himself, the Divine Logos, the Eternal Word. Thankfully, we know that Mary is the opposite of will-to-power theology precisely because she surrendered to God instead of trying to re-invent God (as we saw in those two ridiculous examples at the beginning of this blog.) And for this reason, we know that Mary will be the one to crush the heresy of modernism. Mary, Mother of the Apostles who handed on the truth purely to us, pray for us.